21 Innovative Start-up App Ideas to Work on in 2021

Coming up with a million-dollar app idea is not easy. The concept of the app is the most important part that can be the precursor to its success. 2020 has been a roller coaster year. It started off pretty great but soon the pandemic hit hard and everything went downhill. But with 2021 fast approaching, there are really high hopes that all sectors would regain momentum. 

In 2021, there will be roughly 7 billion mobile users around the world who are projected to spend an average of 18 hours on mobile apps. With the increasing usage of mobile phones, applications have already become an integral part of everyone’s life in recent years. Mobile app developers are working on a large variety of ideas as from shopping, booking a doctor, attending fitness classes, ordering groceries to booking a restaurant table, literally, everything is available at the tips of your fingers. Even during a pandemic, entrepreneurs hired remote mobile app developers to create some innovative apps.

This is the ideal time to think of some app ideas to work on in the next year, so that you can hire a mobile app development company in time and roll out the app quickly. Here are some original app ideas from 2020 that you can steal.

1. Medical App

People now prefer contacting their medical care providers through apps and find it really helpful and hassle free. 

2. Fitness App

Fitness app providing online classes or consultation has been a rage in 2020 and this trend is likely to continue this way.

3. Homemade Medical Remedy App

A lot of recipes and home remedies are available these days and a large number of people are interested in these – which makes for an excellent app idea. 

4. Health Tracking and Food Planning

The trend of eating healthy and meal planning is never old, and so is the idea for app delivering these services.

5. On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

The trend of on-demand services is here to stay and investing in such an app is a great option. 

6. Cookery Classes App

People have started experimenting with cooking in the last one year and they’re always on the lookout for new recipes and apps serving new ideas.

7. Share a Book

Reading apps are a rage these days with people enjoying short stories on their smart phones. 

8. Online Tutor

With most of the schools still shut, an app that offers online tutoring in various subjects is a great idea. 

9. Virtual Dating Apps

With people avoiding social gatherings, a virtual dating app is excellent for people searching for a companion.

10. Finding Remote Work

An app that helps people find remote work by listing opportunities and matching people with their choice of work will surely be a hit.

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11. Travel Planning App

People are looking forward to travelling in 2021 as they could not do so in 2020. Travel planning apps that help figure out safe zones and give out information about travel requirements of the place is a good idea too. 

12. Virtual Travelling Apps

Developing a virtual tour app can be a great idea for start-ups in 2021, as it allows travellers to keep in touch with their favourite destinations virtually. All you need to do is add as many activities and destinations that perfectly quench the needs of the end-users.

13. Music Apps

Since physically being a part of a concert is next to impossible for quite some time now, music apps will take over for now.

14. Security Alert App

As people spend more and more time indoors, developing a criminal security alert app is a great idea. Such an app can notify users about the wanted criminals in different locations along with the database of criminal activities mentioned by users and professionals.

15. Fintech Applications

FinTech is a unique blend of finance and technology that allows banking and financial institutes to manage and offer services that are on-demand, convenient and carried out in real-time. Fintech applications can be one of the trending app ideas in 2021 that helps make money. 

16. Gift Delivering Apps

As people are away from their loved ones, in order to make each other feel special, they can send across gifts on special occasions. Gift delivering apps can have a host of options to choose from, and delivery methods to go along with it. Users can select an item, pay for it and send it to a specific address.

17. Auto Answering Apps

Developing an auto-answering app is one of the simple app ideas in 2021 that help you make money. The basic concept of launching this auto-answering app is to provide the privilege to the users to allow their app to answer the call while driving, riding, bicycling or occupied doing something away from their phone.

18. An App to Sell and Buy Products

Discarding unnecessary products from your existing space is one of the most complicated things. However, sometimes, the products that become useless to you may be an urgent need for others. So, start-ups can reap the best benefit of this idea and create a platform where both sellers and buyers come at the same platform and allow people to get rid of unnecessary things, helping others find needed items at the cheapest price. 

19. Renting Products

Everyone needs a few products only to fulfil a certain task and have to buy it and then discard it or let it sit on the shelf. An app where you can rent such products will be of great help.

20. Augmented Reality based e-commerce Apps

As people are beginning to see the benefits of shopping from the comfort of their homes, augmented reality is sure to be a big hit for e-commerce websites and apps. Keeping in mind the future needs of the users, it is strongly suggested to deploy this technology in various kinds of mobile applications related to shopping, marketing, medical industries and more.

21. AI-Based Chatbot

With a surge in online shopping, there is a huge requirement of grievance management – a department that is unavoidable. Chatbots offer a quick, easy, and pocket-friendly method to enhance the service of your app. 

No matter which app idea you choose to go ahead with and develop, the success of the app largely depends on the skills of the mobile app developers and their experience that they embedded in the development process. Sometimes even a high-end mobile app with complex functionalities fails to reach the targeted audience, whereas a simple yet mindfully developed app hits the market so hard and lures more customers. 

Good mobile app development services are hard to come by, so taking the time to choose a good candidate should be a priority. Start early to gain the maximum out of your business idea. 

Summary: With 2021 fast approaching, there are really high hopes that all sectors would regain momentum. Therefore, creating a killer app in a timely manner should be a priority. Check out some amazing ideas.