Top Do’s and Don’ts Laravel Development Companies Must Consider

Many businesses hire Laravel development companies in India for their web-based projects. Why? Laravel writes clean and debuggable code. In simple words, it codes better than several other technologies. It is crucial for modern-day applications. That is the reason the demand for Laravel developers has increased significantly.

Whether you are an experienced or aspiring Laravel developer, you must consider these dos and don’ts during development. Hence, you can build robust web apps without bugs and performance issues. As a result, you will become the first preference of enterprises when they want to hire a dedicated Laravel developer. We will list out these dos and don’ts in a while. But let us know in detail why people prefer Laravel over other frameworks.

  • Why do businesses hire a Laravel development company in India?

Laravel is an open-source framework written in PHP. The primary purpose of creating Laravel was to ensure hassle-free web app development-related tasks. These include routing, authentication, sessions, and caching. As a Laravel developer, you can reduce application vulnerabilities. Thanks to its plethora of security features. For this reason, it is known as a developer’s delight. It is time to find out why most entrepreneurs hire Laravel developers in India.

  • Ultimate security – Security is one of the many reasons for choosing Laravel. For enterprises, the safety of their websites is crucial. After all, they have confidential data and customer details. Laravel offers top-notch security because it adds SQL injection to protect the website data.
  • Excellent performance – Given the cut-throat competition, businesses look for websites with high speed and better performance. Entrepreneurs hire Laravel development companies in India because they have access to out-of-box features and functionalities. As a result, they build fast-loading and high-performing applications.
  • Multilinguism – Another reason that caused a surge in demand for Laravel programmers is developing web applications in multiple languages. It allows organizations to expand their businesses globally.
  • Cost-effectiveness – In the past, building a web app could break your bank. But not anymore. All thanks to frameworks like Laravel. It is an open-source tool that does not charge any license fee. Plus, maintaining applications built on Laravel is not heavy on the pockets.
  • Faster development – Every second, someone launches a website or web application. That means the competition is getting tough with each passing second. A Laravel development company in India uses in-built tools and functions. It offers faster development to businesses.

The benefits of using Laravel for web-based apps are countless. It is not a surprise why start-ups and well-established businesses hire expert Laravel developers. If you want to be named among the best Laravel programmers, follow these dos and don’ts during web app development.

Top Laravel development dos and don’ts

These tricks will help you regardless of your experience as a Laravel developer. So, make sure you consider these things when developing a web app using Laravel.

  1. Do set up the application key

Once you install the Laravel, the next step is to fix your application key. It involves setting up a 32-characters long key in the environment file. If you fail to do so, you will risk the website’s user sessions and encrypted data. Remember, people hire Laravel development companies in India for the superior security that comes with this PHP-based framework.

  1. Do leverage relationships

The best to avoid bad queries is by using relationships. Today, Laravel has plenty of relationships, which make the web app development experience smooth and hassle-free. As a Laravel programmer, it is crucial to know how to use Laravel relationships. You can pick the most suitable one. And you do not have to add extra queries. Moreover, it prevents the need to join queries.

  1. Do define your dependencies

Dependencies refer to packages or third-party plugins/modules. These play an essential role in running your project smoothly. Reliable Laravel development companies in India use these packages to add functionalities to their Laravel projects. One can create a package by defining the dependencies to the composer.json file of the Package. But a Laravel developer should know how to build dependencies as a Package.

  1. Do not forget to eliminate development variables

To further improve the security of your application, you should not forget to take away development variables. Hackers are always looking for opportunities to intrude on the safety of an application. If you do not remove variables and configurations, it may make your application vulnerable. Consequently, an imposter can access your confidential data and information.

  1. Do not update the framework

All PHP-based platforms have issues related to versions. It applies to Laravel as well. While the tendency to upgrade to the new version is higher, it may not be worthwhile. At times, it becomes troublesome to upgrade Laravel to the latest version. The primary reason is a lack of flow and continuity, which may lead to complications like crashes. Until you are not an expert Laravel developer, you should avoid updating the framework.

The bottom line

Laravel is a robust framework with unique features and functionalities. Do you want to create a top-notch web app for your client? Then consider these things. People hire a dedicated Laravel developer that ensures the best results within the set time and budget. So, it is vital to keep yourself up-to-date with new technologies.

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  1. What are the unique features of Laravel?

Laravel is the best PHP framework for its out-of-box features. These are

  • Default validation
  • MVC support
  • Artisan Console
  • Ability to separate the code
  • Eloquent ORM
  1. Is Laravel a front-end or back-end technology?

Laravel is a server-side framework, which allows developers to build dynamic and feature-rich web applications.