The Best Conversational AI Platforms That Will Make Things Better in 2020

The world is changing and so do the way humans buy and get access to information about any products and services. Today, apart from convenient purchases, consumers are also looking for conversation at a push of the button. All thanks to the technology, today, we have some of the best conversational Al platforms.

Though it’s in infancy, conversational Al is becoming extremely popular at a fast pace via chatbots, voice-based assistants, and messaging apps. This technology has made customer conversations with brands more accessible than ever.

What is conversational Al?

Conversational Artificial Intelligence enables automated conversations between consumers and a brand or business. These conversations are either audio-based or text-based and can be facilitated on a voice-based or text-based conversational platform.

Please remember, conversational Al is a technology that powers chatbots and voice-based assistants but it is not an interchangeable term to any of these.

Businesses can incorporate conversational Al with their messaging service, voice-based assistants, and website chatbots to automate customer communications. The primary purpose of conversational Al is to provide customers with accurate and round-the-clock support through automated conversations. However, the use of this technology is not limited to offering better consumer communications. There is a lot more.

With the rising demand for easy-to-use, scalable, and affordable conversational Al solutions, the technology is expected to grow incredibly across the globe. As per the market reports, the worldwide conversational Al market will be nearly US$ 16 billion by 2024. Being one of the most trusted bot development companies, we have listed some of the most effective conversational platforms that will dominate in 2020:

  • SAP conversational Al

SAP conversational Al is the most powerful platform. Businesses can improve their customer support and processes with Al chatbots, which are power-packed with NLP technology.

It means SAP conversational Al is capable of making human-like conversations, instead of providing customers with cold and robot-like answers. Apart from this, the NLP technology is many languages. This means no matter which language your customers speak, SAP conversational Al can make effective communication with them.

  • Passage Al

With Passage Al, also known as NLP/NLU platform, businesses can easily develop a deep conversational interface. Thus, consumers don’t have to wait for hours to get an answer to a simple question. Customer support will no longer be cost-sinking instead, it will be finally a revenue-generating business function.

  • Houndify

Houndify allows businesses to integrate a voice-enabled, powerful, and flexible conversational intelligence into their services and products. By doing this, businesses can instantly simplify their user interface. The platform offers a technology that integrates Natural Language Understanding and Automatic Speech Recognition into one engine, which increases the accuracy and speed dramatically.

  • Clinic

This is a powerful conversational Al platform, which comes with NLP capabilities and machine learning. Clinic aims to push conversational Al boundaries, empowering businesses to deliver a revolutionary Al experience for their customers.

These are some of the best conversational Al platforms that will make things better in 2020 for consumers as well as enterprises. If you like to integrate this emerging technology into your business, get in touch with SoftProdigy. We are the leading chatbot development company with years of experience offering high-quality bot solutions.

Summary – Over the past few years, the conversational Al market is witnessing the biggest hit than ever. This cutting-edge technology provides enterprises with huge potential to grow. From guiding customers through various products and services to providing them support, conversational Al can be for various purposes. Learn more about them!