Expert Opinion on the Future of ASP.NET Web Development Solutions as a Server Side Technology

In-Depth Discussion on the Expert Opinion about the Future of ASP.NET Web Development Solutions:

The world of website development technology is likely to change. At least, Microsoft’s recent declaration is firmly indicating towards the inevitable. This wind of change is likely to blow on technical front. On top of that, it will certainly affect every business. The date of this change is yet to be announced by Microsoft.

What is the future of Asp.NET? And how this change in going to affect your business? Is your business ready for this technical backend change without affecting your ROI? There must be so many questions lingering in the mind of every businessman. Most importantly, what kind of ASP.NET solutions every business will have to look for? This article is an expert opinion on the future of ASP.NET development solutions and the way they are likely to affect the world of business on digital front.

However, it is always a wise thing to start the learning process from beginning to understand something and its likely to be effects.

ASP.NET, a Quality and Common Server Side Technical Commodity for Web Development

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Page .NET. Microsoft must be credited for developing this open source framework. Microsoft initiated this technical revolution for helping developers develop desktop and ASP.NET mobile, azure and SharePoint based development of dynamic, responsive and reactive websites. ASP.NET is a must use technology for every business going digital.

ASP.NET is a very common commodity utilized to perfection by most of the businesses for the reasons mentioned below:
• Proven reliability
• Easy utilization
• Solid track of scalability
• Fully capable ecosystem for the purpose of speeding-up the entire developmental cycle.

Significant Technical Web Development Features and Benefits of ASP.NET Solutions:
This server side technology has contributed in significantly in the developmental phase of website like and The development of many dynamic website would have been a distant dream without ASP.NET framework. Let’s take a good look at some of the advantages brought to your business by ASP.NET development solutions:

1. Drastic reduction in the amount code needed to develop a large application and webpages based on ASP.NET mobile, Azure and SharePoint development.

2. Safety for your business applications with built-in Windows authentication and per application configuration.

3. High quality ASP.NET services are an easy source of seeking better performance. But what makes it feasible? Let’s take a look:
o Early binding
o Timely completion
o Native optimization
o Unique caching features

4. Simple processes followed for performing all kinds of common but very important tasks. It includes everything from a simple form submission to authenticating client, deployment and configuration of the website.

5. The combination of source code and HTML makes a coder’s life easy. Therefore, it is very easy for the coders and developers to maintain the ASP.NET pages. Since the execution of the entire coding is performed on server side therefore, webpages become very flexible and powerful.

6. ASP.NET Runtime monitors all of the vital processes to perfection. It helps initiate a new process particularly when the old one is dead for enabling your application to be available all the time for handling complex requests.

7. This server side technology always executes the entire coding on server side before allowing the browser to display the output.

8. It is kind of unique technical revolution in itself. This independent language technology acts as a perfect platform for developers and coders to finalize the language that best fits the development and coding requirements of the application. If needed, ASP.NET is very useful in the process of partition of your application across multiple languages.

9. The power and flexibility of ASP.NET technology paves a way for cinch deployment of ASP.NET solutions. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about registering all of its components because of its built-in configuration.

10. The website server plays the most important role in the process of deploying and monitoring all of the webpages, components and applications running on it. The role of website server is very important. If any kind of problem such as memory leaks, infinite loops and many other illegal activities are noticed at any point of time then it automatically kills them and restarts itself from the scratch.
11. High quality ASP.NET services are fully compatible with technologies like ADO.NET. ADO.NET offer data binding and formatting. It is an extremely fast application capable of handling a large volumes of users without coming across any performance hindrance.

12. It is perfectly supported by rich toolbox and a designer in the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment. Mentioned below are some of the key features provided by this powerful tool.

• WYSWFG Editing, Drag-and-Drop Server Controls.
• Automated Deployment

Taking this list of unique and powerful features and benefits into consideration, it is not wrong to call it a powerful programming framework utilized to perfection by the developers and coders for the creation of enterprise class website’s and web based applications. This impeccable server side technology efficiently effective information management system through globally available applications. What actually makes it standout in the crowd of server side languages is its ability and flexibility to help your developers, designers and coders develop, design and code for simple small scale business websites/application to a huge and complex web based business application distributed across many networks. All in all, ASP.NET mobile, azure and SharePoint development services are a perfect platform for seeking features that you may need at affordable prices. Some of them may even be available in free.

The Clouds of Uncertainty Are Hovering over the Future of ASP.NET as a Server Side Technology for Web Development:
Despite this, this technology no longer seem to be going a long way. ASP.NET has been very successful as a server side technology created by the Microsoft. However, something is making it disappear in the dark of uncertainty. In addition to the businesses dependent on a website or web based business applications developed using ASP.NET solutions for survival, this uncertainty is affecting the future of ASP.NET developers also. Most importantly, many experts no longer see bright future for this powerful server side technology. Even the Microsoft, the creator of ASP.NET is thinking about stopping support for this technology.

The List of Reasons Is Very Long:
What could be the reason? To be honest, there are some disadvantages associated with this powerful server side technology. Taking a good look at the problems associated with ASP.NET Mobile, Azure and SharePoint Development is vital for every developer to decide if there is some future of this technology or not. More importantly, it is great to help them decide about their own future in ASP.NET.
• Cost
• Less Hackers available:
• Not a Useful solution web RAD:
• Limited HTML Control and Support for Testing
• It mixes with Layout and logic:
• Update of file while the server is down:
• Complex configuration settings

1. Cost:
It is not cost effective for startups. A startup can easily save some money by using free tools available in visual studio. However, this will result in the loss of advantages that come with its paid version.

2. Less Hackers available:
There are not many hackers available in the market to help you feed your project mill.

3. Not a Useful solution web RAD:
ASP.NET solutions don’t allow you to make your website function like a Winform. However, if it happens than you should thank your lucky stars. Making use of ASP.NET to pound out a prototype of any business or social networking website is like dragging a huge truck loaded with bricks uphill.

4. Limited HTML Control and Support for Testing:
Server control always tend to render themselves as HTML. Due to the reasons unknown, HTML output always failed to comply with website development standards and utilize CSS productively. Moreover, server side controls displayed completely unpredictable ID values hard to access through JavaScript. Its complex and stiff structure turn the task of Unit and Integration testing into a mindboggling challenge. Moreover, limited availability of development and debugging tools is also another huge problem associated with it.

5. It mixes with Layout and logic:
It easily tend to mix with HTML and lengthy Scripting code and make it difficult for the coders to read and edit it.

6. Update of file while the server is down:
Updating or migrating vital files or components being used by your website or web based applications is like cracking a hard nut. You are bound to copy or update them only when your server is stopped. This requires you to register your applications and components. Therefore, don’t do it because you may get your components locked.

7. Complex configuration settings:
Limited pragmatic support for manipulation and extraction, it is impossible to port ASP.NET website files or web based applications from one platform to another because high quality ASP.NET services are a combination of complex services.

This list just goes on and on. Many more problems such as complicated page life cycle, leaky abstractions, large amount of information in the view state, No real Management and loosely typed and integrated coding can never be ignored.