Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

In order to fulfill the marketing needs, every entrepreneur is setting aside a separate budget for it. Spending this budget in the right direction is as important as keeping it aside from other expenses. This becomes crucial when your business is on the smaller end of the spectrum as every single penny counts in that case.

So, with the traditional vs. digital advertising debate going on, which one is best for you is a big question!

It is advisable that you must leverage a marketing technique that helps you reach out to your target audience and convert them into leads or customers. Convince & Convert founder Jay Baer said, “Make your marketing so useful people would pay you for it”.

So, choose the one that fulfills this purpose. However, to simplify your decision-making, we have given a brief on both marketing techniques for the advertising and promotion of your business.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a conventional mode of marketing, which is being used since the beginning of the marketing and advertising era. This marketing technique helps to reach out to a semi-targeted audience with various offline advertising and promotional methods. These methods include advertising on television, newspaper, radio, flyers, and billboards by the roads and highways.

These methods are still effective but are not the only ways to spread your word out among your target audience. Let’s have a look at the drawbacks attached to traditional marketing:

(1) No control over timing

(2) Higher costs

(3) Limited customization options

(4) Inability to disclose full pricing details

(5) Poor campaign measurement

Today, technology has grown and due to these drawbacks, a plenty of ways came into existence to connect with your audience like never before. Though there is a percentage of people who don’t use the internet but a considerably large population is using the internet for multiple purposes.

So, you need to look beyond and understand the ways to leverage the benefits of the latest digital marketing and advertising techniques to reach your audience. Let’s discuss these benefits further:

Digital Marketing and Its Benefits over Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing is a more versatile way of marketing as compared to traditional marketing.  Because of its versatile nature, it is quickly becoming the top choice for many small-scale businesses, especially those with a limited marketing budget. This is not just the only reason for its widespread popularity but there are number of benefits it offers. Let’s have a look at the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

1. Reduced cost

Newspaper and television ads a lot of cost whereas, digital advertising is comparatively more affordable. With being an affordable option, it also lets you expand the scope of marketing across boundaries of age and finance. Every Google AdWords expert is setting up the campaigns by keeping in focus the target audience in mind. So, the message reaches only those who add value to it.

2. Real-time result

When traditional and digital marketing techniques are compared, digital marketing wins the battle of showing quick real-time results. On the other hand, when you choose traditional marketing, you have to wait for days or weeks and sometimes even months to track the results. Digital marketing lets you track the number of visitors, most active time of the day, conversion rates, and bounce rates in no time.

3. Brand development

Brand development is hardly possible with traditional marketing as it has limited space and frequency for advertising. So, here digital marketing clearly wins this category. As with digital marketing, instead of having a column in a newspaper, you can have an entire website, blog page, or social media page. This lets you create a consistent brand image of your company. Many entrepreneurs hire a Facebook marketing specialist India to get their brand as much exposure as possible.

4. More exposure

You can’t assure that your ads on television or newspaper reach your target audience as these mediums are limited to certain metrics. On the other hand, online advertisement reaches out to the entire world. This ensures you that there is nothing that you miss out.

5. Higher engagement

Interacting with the target audience using traditional marketing methods is not possible. First, you need to wait for their response and then you can decide your next move. It’s a long process, making engagement impossible. With digital marketing, you can have real-time communication with the audience and talk more about your brand. One such example is setting up Facebook advertisements for which you need to hire Facebook advertising expert.  They work dedicatedly to increase engagement and build public relations.

 6. Easy analytics

Analyzing results in digital marketing is very easy via Google Analytics. Every Google Adwords certified company is making use of this tool to measure the results of their campaigns. Using this amazing tool, you can measure the general trend of the interested audience, inbound traffic, conversion rate, and bounce rate, all in real time. On the other hand, traditional marketing does not let you analyze the results of your marketing efforts with such ease.

The list of benefits offered by digital marketing over traditional marketing does not end here. There are lots of benefits that you can leverage. All these benefits help people using digital marketing stay a big step ahead of others relying on traditional marketing. So, switch to digital marketing methods to grow your reach and spread your word out about your brand.