What will be Ruby on Rails Like in 100 Years?

Is Ruby on Rails still relevant, or dead? With this news hovering around, businesses are uncertain about hiring a Ruby on Rails development company. After all, no one would build a project using technology with a questionable future.

Lucky for you, we will enlighten whether or not Ruby on Rails is dead later in this post. But before this, we will explain a little bit about Ruby on Rails for the first time. It is crucial to make an informed decision.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Released in 2005, Ruby on Rails (RoR) soon became a popular name in web application development. The framework is built on Ruby, a powerful programming language. Over the years, Ruby on Rails development companies has assisted countless entrepreneurs in creating their dream projects.

The best thing about RoR is that it is not heavy on pockets while ensuring ultimate security and performance. Moreover, maintaining applications developed with Ruby on Rails requires a minimum investment of time and money. But this framework has much more to offer. No wonder businesses of sizes hire RoR developers to meet their needs. Some big names are CrunchBase, Shopify, Airbnb, Hulu, etc.

Considering this and regular updates, Ruby on Rails is far from becoming dead. The rumors of “RoR is dead” started, when Twitter switched to other technologies. This incident was the biggest setback for RoR. However, it does not mean that Rails is dead or dying. Below, we are going to discuss the same.

The future of Ruby of Rails: Is it bright?

We know just saying “Ruby on Rails is as relevant as it was” is not enough. Therefore, we have facts and indicators that you should hire a Ruby on Rails development company for your upcoming project. In the end, you will know the longevity and health of Rails. These indicators are

  1. Use cases

One of the ways to tell if a framework has a good future is its current usage. When we say use cases, this includes tech companies. Why? They are the first ones to adopt new technology and abandon technologies too. Usually, businesses switch to another framework when the existing one fails to meet their needs and demands.

Fortunately, Ruby on Rails flaunts numerous use cases. But the number reveals the quality of this framework, as well-established companies hire RoR developers. If we name a few, these include Shopify, GitHub, CrunchBase, Airbnb, Soundcloud, and more. With top tech giants using Ruby on Rails, businesses can be assured of its trustworthiness. It serves as an indicator that it is here to stay longer.

  1. Excellent community

Community is another vital indicator to tell if a particular technology will be relevant in the future or not. Since Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework, it relies on the community for support and growth. But a community is not enough indication to determine the viability and reliability of a framework.

The good news is the RoR community is active and engaging, which makes the lives of Ruby on Rails development companies convenient. It comprises developers, designers, and RoR enthusiasts working to ensure an excellent and feature-rich framework.

In short, a growing community indicates a flourishing technology with an ever-bright future. That is what Ruby on Rails is for you. It has several online forums where developers share information, ideas, and updates. GitHub, StackOverflow, and Reddit are the most used platforms by the Ruby on Rails community. 

Given this, it is clear that Ruby on Rails is likely to become the future of web application development. We can see the team is constantly working to make improvements.

  1. Regular updates

When the team stops its support, updates, and maintenance for a particular technology, it signifies the end. But we do not see anything like this with Ruby on Rails. It has constant support from the community while receiving regular updates and maintenance. It is the reason some of the world’s leading businesses depend on Ruby on Rails development companies.

It is also a sign that people are interested in a particular technology. And they want regular improvements and innovations to keep their web applications up-to-date. A framework, programming language, or library must receive timely updates and maintenance to remain on the top.

Ruby on Rails core team is consistently working to improve the framework and add new features. It signifies that Ruby on Rails is not dead. Plus, it is not dying shortly. So, you can hire RoR developer without the fear of switching to another technology.

The bottom line

While “is Ruby on Rails dead” make headlines across the globe, we know that it is just a rumor. It shows no signs of dying in years to come. In reality, RoR is growing like never before and boarding new technologies and features to gain a competitive edge. So, we can expect superior performance and ultimate scalability. If this framework seems ideal for your business, hire the best Ruby on Rails development company.

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  1. What type of projects can I build with Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails has a wide range of applications in the web development industry. However, it is primarily used for building projects like

  • E-commerce
  • Agile development
  • Content management systems
  1. Is Ruby on Rails and Python the same?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework written with Ruby, a programming language. On the other hand, Python is a widely used programming language used for building Django. These two might seem visually similar, but they are different in many ways.