What are the Innovative Approaches Followed by UI/UX Designers that Can Help Boost Sales

If you have been part of software development industry, directly or indirectly, you may recognize the term UI design or its counterpart UX design. While both UI and UX design work closely together and both are crucial to product development, but their roles are quite different. UX design is a more analytical and technical field whereas UI design is nearer to what we call a graphic design. A layman example to UI & UX design can be- “A door knob is a UI design. The fact you need a door is a UX design.”
Product development goes through a number of phases till the final launch- initial analysis, problem definition, design & development, implementation etc. Right from the initial analysis to design to UI/UX design; everything needs to be managed properly so as to come up with a brilliant web application.

User Experience Design & User Interface Design Explained

UX design is the process of enhancing the customer satisfaction, improving the interaction between a company & its consumer and ensure that the product logically flows from one system to another.

User interface design is the graphic layout of a product. A UI designer is responsible for an attractive, guiding and user-responsive product. The main function is to present the website or mobile application in a well-formulated and attractive layout. UX designers are primarily concerned with how the product feels while the user interface designers are responsible for how the product is laid out.

Millions of websites, software programs and apps are implementing one or other, but it would be really great if they take advantage of both. Both UI and UX designers are always looking for innovative approaches that can help promote product, attract customers and boost sales.

Great User Experience– The main objective of UI/UX design is to create a product that provides a great user experience. And, a great user experience is the result of putting in the extra effort. A user finds more contentment in using a product that fulfills their needs and are more willing to invest in such kind of products.

Customer Analysis– Knowing the needs of your customers is very important to a successful product development. This is the beginning phase of a product development cycle. The questions such as “how your product is better than others”, “will the product solve customer problems”, “what response the product gets in market” etc. will help you understand whether the product meets customer requirements or not.

Design & Development– It is the most crucial part of a project. Both UI and UX designer look for an innovative approach that lets them develop an easy-to-use product featuring an attractive design. The main focus is to make the product usable, functional and safe for the users.

Content Chunking– Nobody likes to read those boring long paragraphs. A UI designer knows how to make content appealing & striking. They break up large information, by separating them into headings, sub headings, new paragraphs and pictures which makes it easy for the users to read and understand.

Laser Focus– This is when design of a page will cause someone to take action by making it really obvious. For instance- when you open Facebook, it asks you to sign in (if you are already a member) with email id or phone number and password, and if you are not a member, it asks you to sign up. So, when you open Facebook page, immediately you are drawn to think that this is the most obvious task to complete.

Our technology and appliances are not always clear in their use. However, we all in some way or other have dealt with a product or appliance which is too difficult to understand and requires technical knowledge. The work of a UI/UX designer is to build products that offer great user experiences, which results in happy, satisfied customers. A contented and satisfied customer becomes a frequent visitor and sometimes even a brand influencer.