Top 7 Android Mobile App Development Tools For 2020

The world of Android mobile app development has never seen stagnation since the time it came into existence and it will never experience the same until the digitalization holds its grip on the world. Agree?

We are here with an article that will talk about the top 7 Android mobile app development tools for 2020. And since you have time due to the pandemic lockdown, we will make it worth your time. Let’s get started!

1. Flutter

The Dart programming language is utilized by the developers to build cross-platform native apps from a single codebase. On hiring Android app development services, the development process will exploit the potential of this language and bring a lot of benefits to your table. The most exciting feature of Flutter is its integration with Flare, which is a vector-based design and animation tool that facilitates the addition of animations directly into your Flutter app. And it is free of cost too!

2. Android Studio

Android Studio has reserved its position as a reliable and noteworthy open-source mobile app development software program. It is the perfect pick for developers even though it doesn’t support cross-platform development. It’s time-saving features and the ability to develop for all Android devices in the same environment make the developers swing into action and develop robust apps within a short period.

3. Xamarin

Being an open-source and free Android app development tool, it is preferred by the developers to develop enterprise-based apps. It provides various benefits like UI controls, third-party libraries and cross-platform libraries. Xamarin is supported by an active community and uses C# language.

4. Appcelerator

Appcelerator allows the development of native mobile apps on platforms like Android, iOS and Windows UWP from a single JavaScript codebase. It accesses native UI components like navigation bars & menus and native device functionality like the file system, geolocation and maps. This tool is a major part of the reliable and industry-ready Android app development services.

5. AVD Manager

AVD Manager is a command line tool that is used for communicating and managing the Android Virtual Device from the command line. As a developer, you can define the characteristics of an Android handset, wear an OS watch or Android TV device that you want to stimulate in an Android emulator.

6. Eclipse

Developers love Eclipse as it allows them to build powerful and integrated Android mobile apps faster. It offers features like easy tools integration, custom XML editors and Debug Output pane.

7. GameMaker Studio

This tool is highly popular among Android game developers. It helps in creating 2D games with less coding and enhances the experience of the users. It is easy to use and comes with a drag-and-drop interface.


Hire Android app developer and utilize these tools to serve your purpose. We, at SoftProdigy, are working dedicatedly from home even during the pandemic lockdown to serve our clients and businesses in need. Contact us and we will demonstrate how we can make things happen for you.