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Know Why Discord Switched to React Native Developers for Android

5 Reasons Why Discord Uses React Native for Android
Discord recently announced that it will work on a streamlined Android app developed with React Native developers. Read more about the announcement in this post. ...
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Future of React Native – What 2021 Holds for the Platform

React Native framework- popularity in 2021
React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that allows developers to create truly native apps, while not compromising on users’ experience at all. Built on JavaScript, it has ...
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Pros and Cons of Building an App with React Native Elements

Pros and Cons of using React Native for cross platform app development
React Native is a framework created by Facebook to enable a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development.It is built on top of ReactJS and is a one-time write-and-deploy anywhere solutio...
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Halloween Celebration is not dead in 2020 – Spooky Apps Take Over the Town

If there’s one holiday that is all about pure fun, it’s Halloween. The spooky season is upon us already and kids are feeling the excitement they always do around this time of the year. But there...
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The New Update Making React Native the Framework of Choice in 2020

React Native: The New Update and How it is Changing the Game
Introduced by Jordan Walke on Facebook in 2015, React Native has reinvented the way mobile applications are developed for various platforms. React Native framework was created for simple app developme...
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IoT-based Mobile Apps: Boost Your User Experience with the Right Technology

How IoT-based mobile apps enhance the user experience
Over the past few years, the Internet of Things is growing significantly and slowly crawling into our smartphones through mobile apps and connected devices. According to the market analysis, the globa...
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New-Age App Development: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amplify Libraries

Are AWS and Amplify libraries the fastest way to create apps
As technology is advancing every day, the developers have several mobile and web app development platforms as well as frameworks. All these technical innovations help these professionals to build secu...
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Cross-Platform App Development: How React Native is faster than Flutter?

React Native VS Flutterfor cross-platform app development
Those days are long in the past when mobile app developers used to create apps separately for iOS and Android. Today, with a new wave of technological innovation, there is a major shift seen in choosi...
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