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Flutter: Why is it a Trend Setter in the Mobile App Development Industry?

A walk through the hottest trends in Flutter app development
The ecosystem of technological advancements is at its peak. We have access to numerous frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and tech stacks that it becomes challenging to choose one.  Se...
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Flutter 2.2: How is it better than the Previous Version?

What to look for in Flutter 2.2?
Since Google launched the latest version of Flutter, everyone is talking about it. The purpose of releasing Flutter 2.2 was to focus on optimization and performance improvements. In addition, the reas...
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Seamless Development of a Multi-platform App with Flutter

How Flutter assures seamless development of multi-platform apps
Flutter is a free open-source framework created by Google and published in 2017. It has come a long way since then and businesses and entrepreneurs have adopted it as a big part of the mobile developm...
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