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2023 Digital Trends: Everything You Need to Know About Live Shopping

Understanding the advantages of investing in live shopping events
Trends help you stay updated and relevant in the market. If you want your business to outshine the crowd, you should know what is new in digital marketing. While there are several hottest things, we w...
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Hybrid Shopping: How Digital and Mortar is a Winning Combination?

Is hybrid shopping the “new normal” for businesses and marketers?
The E-commerce industry has been enjoying its heyday since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But in-store shopping is very much alive. That means businesses and marketers need to focus on delivering...
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Customer Experience: Everything You Need to Know to Deliver it Right

Customer Experience
In today’s digital-savvy world, customer experience (CX) is everything. If it’s good, it minimizes friction, maximizes efficiency, and adds a human element. However, if it’s bad, it drives custo...
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OTT Advertising: Everything to Know From Inception to Future

Digital marketing professionals
OTT viewership is increasing like never before. Currently, OTT platforms are serving millions of users. So, it offers massive opportunities for brands to run OTT ads and meet their sales goals. Howeve...
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A Failsafe Strategy to Grow Organic Search Traffic by 436%

How did SoftProdigy help Camp Lee Mar Enhance Active Website Users?
About the project Camp Lee Mar is a leader in providing children of various needs with well-structured summer programs to focus on their overall growth and development. Their programs can vary from si...
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The Return to Office: Tips for Managers to Make it Easier

Returning to the Office: What Should Manages and Leaders do?
After the vaccination drive going on in full throttle, businesses are getting back on track. As many business organizations have resumed work from the office, employees have shown a blend of reactions...
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SoftProdigy Is Setting High Standards by Offering Outcome-Oriented Technological Solutions: GoodFirms

SoftProdigy is a Leading Name in The IT Industry- Goodfirms
Offering robust solutions and enabling clients reduce time-to-market endow SoftProdigy to burgeon amongst the IT service providers in NY at GoodFirms. Overview: Incorporated in 2006 and based in India...
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How SoftProdigy Solutions Helped Luxury VIP Suites Increase the Number of Users? (928.11% Growth in One Year)

How SoftProdigy Solutions Helped Luxury VIP Suites Increase the Number of Users?
Luxury VIP Suites is a leading provider of private suites for all notable events all over North America, including the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA, MLB, and NCAA Final Four. For more th...
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How COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting e-commerce and Digital Marketing?

Google AdWords Certified Company
The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by every industry in this world. Since many countries as well as states have forced physical businesses to temporarily close, many online retailers are seeing a de...
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