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Conversational AI Chatbot: Why Does Your Business need it?

Reasons businesses adopt conversational AI chatbots.
The concept of conversational AI chatbot has been known for many years. But it has gained sudden momentum after the onset of the Corona virus pandemic. In the wake of nationwide lockdown and social di...
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SoftProdigy Awarded by Clutch as India’s Best Chatbot Developer

Clutch Recognizes SoftProdigy Among India's Top Chatbot Developers
Powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots have grown popular over the years due to their convenience and effectiveness. The software application can automate conversations and interact with actual ...
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The Best Conversational AI Platforms That Will Make Things Better in 2020

Top conversational Al platforms that will dominate 2020
The world is changing and so do the way humans buy and get access to information about any products and services. Today, apart from convenient purchases, consumers are also looking for conversation at...
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