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6 New Features Coming to Android this Holiday Season

New Android features in 2022
When it comes to the mobile market, Android is undoubtedly the king. According to Statista, it has maintained the top position as the leading mobile operating system in the world, with a 73% market sh...
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5 Legit Things Android Phones Do That iPhone Can’t

It’s a never-ending bout between android and iOS! Since years, the mobile users, reviewers, gadget freaks, and tech bloggers have been battling over the question as to which OS is best for mobile ph...
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Know the Best VR and AR Apps for Your Smartphone If You Haven’t Tried Them So Far

Technology is improving at a rapid pace, and one such example of it is the inception of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology. Both of them can be related to the general concept of Mediated...
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