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Think out-of-the-box !

Social media is not just social media anymore! All the social media networks can effectively be used as quite resourceful business and marketing networks! We bet you wouldn’t question that!

And while everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, we fail to notice how much these social media giants are earning. With the turnover of 16.89 billion USD, Facebook has aced the game of business by connecting people through their network. We bet the numbers are enough for you to be convinced about the fact that social media is a really beneficial business!

If you have an idea of a social media app in mind, you can shoot your shot with a competent app and you never know, you can be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

Now, who will create such an app, you ask? SoftProdigy is here, at your service!

We have been in the business of mobile app development and social media management for years now! So, with us, you can get the best of both worlds. When our development geniuses are at work, our marketing team backs their efforts by providing factual knowledge about the social media. This helps us deliver the best social media app that is designed to excel in the markets!

With an in-depth understanding of what users are looking for these days, we create apps that are meant to hit it big! Choose us as your mobile app development company and you will never regret!

Let’s now see the way we can be the help you need to create a social networking app of your own.

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Social network apps for Android and iOS

Like said already, social media apps are now a business these days. You just need to get your creative juices flowing and get a crazy idea in your mind to give people a reason to embrace it. What kind of social networking app are you looking for? Take some time off your busy schedule to figure out the kind of app you need. once The variety of social networking apps we can create for you includes but is not limited to the category of media sharing apps, social gaming apps, career-based apps, dating apps and apps for messaging chatting, social quiz, contests or a forum only. Once you are done with the task at hands, sit back and relax as we have all the wealth of expertise, resources, and tools to exceed your requirements and expectations.

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Addition of components and features

Everything changes with time. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to replace some old components with the new ones. Even the introduction of new features also becomes essential. This innovation helps you meet the requirements of your user base and businesses using your social networking apps compatible with Android and iOS over time. We have a team of specialists to ensure components or features for easy profile creation, advanced settings, Google maps Integration, content sharing, advanced search criteria, safe login, options for privacy controls, real-time messaging, audio/video chat, Push notifications, creation of an attractive profile and much more. All this will help you maintain your user base such as the top social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and many more and turn it into a cash cow for you.

Again, Social media is a platform to run business these days.

You serve a variety of businesses and provide them a target market for growing their business through your social media app for Android and iOS!

All you need is some help from a company held in high esteem in this domain.

We have everything to turn it into a cash cow for you!

GAC Beauty

Health 37


DC School Hub


GAC Beauty

Health 37


DC School Hub


Send a pre-defined gift.

Helps you to send thoughtful gifts.

Gift Management system developed in Shopify.

Search for healthcare providers around you.

Chat with health experts and seek help.

Easy navigation, fast search, and minimal UI.

An APP developed for a healthy lifestyle.

Offers fitness classes or workshops.

Developed using JavaScript framework.

React Native.

Search for schools & nurseries near you.

Open source website with great UI/UX design.

Messaging, blog, child care, online lessons, etc.

A real-time app, tailor-made for piano enthusiasts.

Take piano lessons on-the-go with Note Quest.

Made with the best tech stack, using Swift and is available for iOS.

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