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The rise of e-commerce has entirely changed the world of business. Embracement of e-commerce is proving to be an effective medium, businesses throughout the world need for access to target audience beyond local boundaries to increase customer base, ROI (return on investment) and revenue. This is why you should also follow the footprints of organizations like Nescafe, World Wildlife Foundation, Wikimedia, Lady Gaga and Adele and hire some reputed Shopify development company for unlimited growth of your e-commerce business.

Some More Compelling Reasons For You:

Shopify powers more than 820, 000 stores including the brands already mentioned above. E-commerce stores running on Shopify collective generated the revenue up to $1.073 billion in 2018.

If a Financial Outlook report for 2019 is to be believed, this amount has already reached up to $1.48 billion to $1.50 billion. This amount is likely to scale new heights by the end of 2019.

Online shoppers trust e-commerce stores that offer security of their data. Shopify offers reliable security as well.

Time is money! Big brands hire a Shopify development company for easy-to-afford and customizable apps capable of generating better data insights in a timely and efficient manner.This list could go and on! Once you use it, you will realize its actual potential and the value it adds to your online business.
The internet is home to many online e-commerce platforms taking online shopping experience to a whole new level for shoppers.

If you want to make your online store stand out in the crowd, SoftProdigy offers the best Shopify development services.

Shopify eCommerece theme

Shopify theme development

Your e-commerce store needs a platform that is well-structured to offer custom theme development. Shopify facilitates the creation of custom themes with professional templates. Such a theme will make your store unique and visually appealing for your customers. Believe it or not, seeking quality Shopify development services will make your online store into a money making the machine you need for the growth of your online business.

shopify app development Logo

Shopify app development

At least 87% of Shopify entrepreneurs rely on applications for running their online business smoothly. Shopify apps are efficiency enhancers you need for your online business. Hassle-free integration with SaaS services is another key reason for you to consider seeking Shopify app development services for your online store. In case you are a not-for-profit, this is something to help you keep your operations up and running smoothly.
Shopify website response

Responsive Shopify website development

Your target audience or customers expect your website to be user-friendly and responsive to their device type. If needed, Shopify allows you to get a custom design developed to make your e-commerce website responsive to growth. It is because mobile devices account for 79% traffic and 69% orders e-commerce stores running on Shopify have been receiving since the first quarter of 2019. You should think about it!

shopify module and extension development

Shopify module and extension development

Modules and extensions play an important role in the growth of an online store. This is why your store needs robust and flexible modules and extensions compatible with Shopify. Hiring a reputed Shopify development company for the development of such a module or extension could be a wise business decision. This could ensure positive online shopping experience for your customers on your store in many ways and be the industry leader.

Help your business scale the new heights of growth and success with SoftProdigy's State-of-the-art Shopify development services.

GAC Beauty

Health 37


DC School Hub


GAC Beauty

Health 37


DC School Hub


Send a pre-defined gift.

Helps you to send thoughtful gifts.

Gift Management system developed in Shopify.

Search for healthcare providers around you.

Chat with health experts and seek help.

Easy navigation, fast search, and minimal UI.

An APP developed for a healthy lifestyle.

Offers fitness classes or workshops.

Developed using JavaScript framework.

React Native.

Search for schools & nurseries near you.

Open source website with great UI/UX design.

Messaging, blog, child care, online lessons, etc.

A real-time app, tailor-made for piano enthusiasts.

Take piano lessons on-the-go with Note Quest.

Made with the best tech stack, using Swift and is available for iOS.

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