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When you’re promoting your business on the web, organic methods of marketing to increase reach and traffic can be the best for the long run. However, if you want to see quick results, like, let’s say a seasonal sale for an e-commerce store, paid marketing is a safe bet!

If you’re planning on boosting the traffic and leads through your marketing tactics , setting up and launching a Pay Per Click advertising campaign can bring you the results. But choosing a company that offers reliable and affordable PPC services in India is also of utmost importance.

The effectiveness and utility of PPC can be learned from the fact that more than 86% of people use Google to look for items they plan on buying! So, if done with the help of the best PPC management company, your PPC campaign is capable of bringing you loads of traffic and conversion.

Now, about 40% of clicks made on Google’s search result pages are made on the top three ads and you would definitely want to grab your share of those clicks. So, besides the technical proficiency of setting up the campaign, your PPC services provider in India should also possess the creativity to execute attention-grabbing ads.

If you’ve been searching for such competent experts, your search seems to have ended. SoftProdigy houses a team of PPC experts that have been working on this ad technique since the time of its existence. So, with our experience and just a tinge of our overflowing creativity, you can execute a failsafe Pay Per Click advertising campaign in a matter of days.

Get the best out of platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Double Click with quality PPC ads!

Paid search marketing

Paid Search Marketing

Do you ever type a search term in Google/Bing and see the first few results as ads? These are the Paid Search ads. With the help of Google Ads (earlier known as AdWords), and similar tools and techniques, the PPC experts at SoftProdigy create high-quality paid search ads. As the best PPC management company, we help your ads pop up at the top in search results and make them clickable enough to bring more and more traffic to your website. We run paid search marketing ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Display advertising

Display Advertising

Display ads are the ones shown in the form of banners on other websites. Now, it has been calculated that Google Ads reach a network of about 2 million websites and apps. So, this kind of ads can be utilized to the fullest to pour in the maximum traffic from the web. PPC services in India delivered by SoftProdigy help you personalize your ads by selecting the websites for your display ads. Through our experience, we can tell which websites are suitable for your ads and have the right audience for you.

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Social Media Ads

Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram have excelled a lot in the field of advertising, lately. In fact, Facebook is one of the two biggest advertisers on the web, besides Google. It holds a 19.6% share of the digital advertising market. If you pick a social media advertising expert at SoftProdigy, we promise you guaranteed results in terms of traffic and conversions. With us, you can make the most of social media networks for the benefit of your business. Schedule your consultation with our PPC consultant to learn how we work on social media ad campaigns.
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Retargeting PPC Ads

Retargeting is one of the smartest ad techniques to bring back the audience that has somewhat abandoned your website during the first visit. When you run your ads with Google Ads or Double Click, some of the data about the visitors is captured relating to their activity. If they abandon your website for some reason, this data can be used to retarget them and bring them back to finish a purchase. SoftProdigy offers the best PPC services in India that will help you run these retargeting ad campaigns, target your leads, and convert them efficiently.

Search engines and social media are the places your audience is looking for your business. Meet them there and team them in through a successful PPC ad campaign.

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GAC Beauty

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