Mobile App Development during the Pandemic: 3 Brilliant Ideas for an App

The worldwide outbreak of the Corona Virus has completely shattered our lives. The countries around the globe are taking necessary measures and imposing restrictions to fight against this deadly virus. With the ongoing social distancing and nationwide lockdown, businesses are facing major hit, as the demand of products and services has reduced on a great scale. However, amidst this chaos where most businesses are failing, Android and iPhone app development companies have the chance to flourish.

Since the number of patients getting infected with COVID-19 is increasing like a wildfire, it is difficult to predict the departure of this pandemic. Also, social distancing and lockdown regulations are becoming stricter to prevent spread of this highly-communicable disease. This is why most businesses are opting for a new strategy to retain their identity during this situation. If your business is suffering too, we have the perfect solution for you to get yourself back on the track – releasing an excellent mobile app!

In this post, our experts have explained the top 3 mobile app development ideas to keep the waves of downfalls away from your business.

1. An E-commerce Store App

Just like many other industries, e-commerce platforms have also experienced a sudden turmoil caused by the social distancing practices and lockdown. However, when the market experienced an increased demand for daily essentials, e-ecommerce platforms played a major role in meeting customers’ needs during this difficult time. Although the online marketplaces have witnessed sudden drop in demand for non-essential products, the essential goods are seeing leaps in their sales.

In simple words, the products like sanitizers, antibacterial sprays, toilet papers, gloves, masks, etc account for the maximum sales on e-commerce platforms. If some stats are to be believed, the current market share of essential products has seen a sale increase by 817%. Apart from household products, the sale of medicines via e-commerce platforms is also increased by 198% during current times. So, if you’re dealing in essentials or medicines, get a mobile app for your business and boost the sales!

2. An App for Learning

Schools and colleges are majorly impacted by the lockdown and pandemic situtaion Therefore, virtual classes have been made available for students, so that they remain indoors without affecting their studies. The transformation of the education industry to online education and e-learning has opened great opportunities to introduce learning and educational mobile apps.

With the education sector starting to offer online education via mobile apps, the students are spending a lot of time on these platforms as well, apart from social media apps. Thus, most of the education firms have started to switch to Android and iOS app development companies to provide better e-learning platforms to students, teachers, education institutions and tutors.

3) Health and Fitness Mobile App

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the economy of several countries as most of the businesses have stopped their operations. But when it comes to the global healthcare market, it is experiencing a huge rise even during this scary time. After all, immediate medical care is a need of the hour and amid social distancing and lockdown, healthcare mobile apps can protect people from staying educated and prevent infections from spreading. With the availability of doctors and healthcare services at the push of a button, people can get the required medical assistance at their homes only. So, an idea of creating such an app would surely be a win in this situation!

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The bottom line

The Corona virus pandemic may take a little longer to leave than predicted and if you don’t want to lose your business during this economic crisis, it is advisable to hire an IOS developer in India and start working on your app. Most businesses are switching to mobile apps to survive till the current situation improves. If you haven’t decided to invest in Android and iOS app designing services in India, it’s high time to do so.