Migration to WordPress: Why Most Businesses choose it for their Websites?

In this digital world, every business needs a website. 

But it does not mean you can get any website. Given the cut-throat competition, you need a well-designed and highly responsive website. For this reason, it is essential to choose the right website platform. 

Currently, WordPress is the popular choice for website development. Do you know this website platform powers nearly 34% of websites on the web? It is because of its open-source nature and countless features and functionalities. Therefore, there is a surge in demand for WordPress development services in India. In addition to this, several businesses have shifted to WordPress website services in the past few years. 

Whether you want to create a website from scratch or migrate to WordPress, make sure it is the right decision. Therefore, you should know the benefits of choosing or switching to WordPress website services. Let us explore the top reasons why enterprises go for WordPress over other platforms. 

Why Most Businesses choose wordpress for their Websites?
  • Why do businesses switch their websites to WordPress?

    • Affordability – It is yesterday’s thing when having a website was a luxury. Also, it used to cost a hefty amount to build a website. But this is not the case anymore, thanks to WordPress. It allows developers to design and develop websites at significantly low prices. 
      The primary reason companies migrate to WordPress is upkeep and maintaining a website is relatively cheap. In many cases, you do not need a developer or designer to update your WordPress website. Instead, you can do it yourself. It is that easy and hassle-free. 

    • Plenty of plugins –Another reason a significant number of corporations migrated to WordPress is the availability of thousands of plugins. With these plugins, they can extend the capabilities and functionality of their website. The best thing is most of them are free of cost.
      It is because of these plugins, WordPress is the best solution for building websites of any size. For example, small businesses or startups can leverage these plugins and add the necessary features without breaking the bank. 

    • Easy-to-update – As we mentioned already, updating WordPress-built websites is easy and hassle-free. Well, this is what enterprises want. Not every business has the budget to hire permanent website development and design professionals. WordPress is a boon to all of them. Entrepreneurs can update their websites anytime and anywhere without any assistance from experts. Of course, they should have access to the internet to do so. 

    • SEO friendly – Businesses also love the fact that WordPress is SEO-friendly. When it comes to WordPress-built websites, they have simple and consistent codes. Hence, they are perfect for Google indexing. Besides this, developers can customize the SEO elements of each page. It gives better control to entrepreneurs to decide on which page they want to rank their websites. 

    • Easy-to-syndicate – If you want to earn inbound links for your website, using WordPress is an effective way to do so. Probably, this is why many companies choose WordPress for building their websites. 
      For instance, you choose WordPress for building your website, and you post new content. It will go to an RSS feed by default. Thus, it makes others syndicate your content with ease through websites and directories. 

    • Responsiveness – We mentioned already if you want your website to outshine competitors, it should be highly responsive. Well, this is what online users want. It means building a responsive website is no more an option. But it is a necessity. 
      With WordPress, you can automatically enjoy the benefits of responsiveness. Also, it reduces the pain of developers to build separate websites for each device. You know you get all this without costing an arm and a leg. 

    • Social media integration – In a world of Instagram and Facebook, it is crucial that websites must integrate with social media. After all, most online users spend hours using social networks. The advantage of switching to WordPress is it ensures seamless integration with social media sites. 
      If your website is integrated with social media, you do not have to log in to each social media profile separately. Your social media community will automatically get notified whenever you post fresh content. 

    • Top-notch security –In the initial days, most people had a misconception about WordPress website development that it lacked protection. But later, it was proven wrong. If you have the best WordPress development company in India, you can develop a secure and hacking-proof website. But you must do your homework and check the background of your potential company before making a final decision. 

    • Upgrade functionalities with ease – It is a real challenge to add the latest features and functionalities to traditional websites. It is more difficult with sophisticated platforms. The good news is it is the opposite if you build your website using WordPress. All thanks to its plenty of plugins, which makes upgrading website functionalities convenient than ever. 

    • Ideal for content marketing – Content is king in digital marketing. It means one has to provide fresh and informative content to survive the competition. If you pick WordPress over other website platforms, you have the advantage of managing your content efficiently. 

The bottom line 

These are some reasons why enterprises migrate to WordPress development services in India and worldwide. If you want to leverage these benefits, you should go ahead with WordPress website services. What else do you need if you get a customized website within the budget? 

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