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Reasons why businesses are hiring Magento Developers

Advancements and innovations in the domain of technology are rapidly changing the landscape of business globally. The rise of e-commerce is the outcome of this technology revolution. If The Economic Times report is to be believed, the e-commerce market worldwide values around $22 trillion. Online Stores running on Magento contribute to this amount significantly. Magento is one of the world’s top three e-commerce platforms. This is why the count of organizations hiring the best Magento development companies is only going up.

Why do you need to take your business online?

This one question must tickle a lot of curiosity bugs in your mind. Seeking an answer to this question will help you understand the way you can help your business standout and survive industrial competition for hassle-free growth through access to target audience throughout the world.

Magento helps you achieve this by making your e-store user-friendly and taking shopping experience to a whole new level. With Magento, you can enjoy better conversion rate with the single-step-checkout process and optimum support for multiple currencies and stores.At SoftProdigy, we believe that Magento is a very promising and cost-effective platform for running an online store. It offers hassle-free content management and effective support for search engine optimization.Our Magento experts have built and launched numerous e-commerce stores that are running smoothly and efficiently! Yours can be the next! We promise you an e-store that delivers smooth and engaging navigation with easy checkout and payment options. So, bring your idea to us and watch it turn into a successful reality!

We Deliver A Whole Package of Magento development services:

custom magneto module development

Custom Magento Module Development:

Magento is one of the most flexible content management systems in the world. The credit goes to the functionality Magento provides to help e-commerce businesses grow seamlessly. One of those functionalities is the support for the development of custom Magento modules and extensions for blog, SEO, shipping, payment, checkout and much more. Think about it and fuel your business idea to life uniquely.

custom magneto development theme

Development of Custom Magento Themes:

Design is the unique selling point of every online business. Easy management, extended reach to the audience, support to keep an online store fully functional with minimal downtime and support for SEO and SERP operations make custom Magento themes the order of the day. Such themes help your online business adapt to continuously changing trends. This is something that a competent Magento development company can help you achieve for business growth.

magneto cart development

Magento Cart Development:

This out-of-the-box Magento feature makes your e-commerce store fully functional and extremely flexible. The level of customization it offers is matchless. This is why organizations like Samsung and Harvey Nichols running multiple e-commerce stores prefer hiring Magento e-commerce Development Company capable of making a robust Magento shopping cart they need for business growth. Maybe, you should also do some thinking about it.

payment shipping gateway integration Icon

Payment & Shipping Gateway Integration Services:

Your customers want to pay for their shopping and checkout in just one step to checkout and receive the products ordered quickly. Therefore, the quality of payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, Amazon Payments and shipping extensions play the most important role to ensure positive online shopping experience for your customers on your e-commerce store. Communication about it some reputed Magento extension development company could help significantly.

The value of online stores running on Magento is reaching the next level with every single passing day.

Our custom Magento solutions offer you an opportunity to make sure your e-commerce store is safe, fully functional and offers customers a positive online shopping experience.

So, tell us your business idea! We will bring it to life with our unique custom Magento development services.

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GAC Beauty

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