Looking for Website Upgrade? Here’s What 2017 Brings in Joomla Website Design and Development

In today’s high-tech era, Joomla has emerged as a powerful content management system among the website owners. The platform allows the professionals to develop websites that feature amazing designs and astounding functionality. With the power of this platform, a layman having basic programming knowledge can also develop a website. A number of Joomla developers are constantly working to create award-winning Joomla supported websites.

Hiring Joomla developers in India is one of the most effective ways to design a great business website. However, before you consider taking services from a custom Joomla development company in India for your business site, it is important to know what the year ahead brings in design and development.

If you are planning to create a new business website or upgrade an existing one, here’s what 2017 brings in Joomla website design and development.

Increased use of HTML5– As you already know, the era is of smart devices and people to access information from anywhere and anytime. And, HTML5 is the upgraded version of HTML which is tailored especially for the digital users. For a business owner in today’s time, it is important to ensure that your business website is present everywhere. Just because your website doesn’t support mobile devices, a customer won’t pick up their laptop to browse your services, instead they would switch to some other site. “And, in this highly competitive market, a business cannot afford to lose a customer due to such a small reason”, say expert Joomla developers in India. Moreover, when your website is accessible from all kinds of devices, it will create brand loyalty and ensure users are interested in your products and services. So, this new year upgrade your website in Joomla and give your customers an amazing user experience.

Flat Layouts– The rise of flat layout has been into prominence since 2014. And, 2017 is obviously going to mark the new height of this peculiar style and format. “A flat design refers to any sort of web layout in which the elements are exceptional that offer an eye-catching and stylistic character in your website layout.” And for the year ahead, designers will be seen more interested in offering credible design elements that appear smooth and eye-catching. So, gear up and hire experienced Joomla developers in India and introduce flat layout designs for your website in 2017.

Responsive Design– More and more people are considering shopping online but it is quite obvious that they are going to search their desire products and services from anywhere and anytime. So, having a mobile responsive website is extremely important in today’s time. However, many of you understand the importance of responsive web design, it has been seen there are various sites which are still not fully responsive. Some of the renowned custom Joomla development companies in India quoted “In 2017, the sites that do not have a responsive design will sure face various issues and lose the high volume of traffic as the use of smartphones is increasing day by day.”

Joomla extensions– Before you hire Joomla developers in India, it is important to understand what changes and additions the platform will offer you in the coming year. As far as Joomla extensions are concerned, sources reveal that extensions are going to play a bigger role in 2017 than the templates. The major changes include- OSCampus: Version 1.0 of this Joomla LMS has arrived and many more improvements are coming. OLCampus will be the best LMS in Joomla, JCal Pro: This powerful Joomla calendar works great, but a major redesign is underway for both the front and admin side. Also, OSDownloads and Shackslides will see a major improvement to enhance user experience.

So, if you are planning to hire Joomla developers in India to create a new website or upgrade an existing one, knowing what new features and additions the New Year brings will help you make the right decision.