Know Why Discord Switched to React Native Developers for Android

Ever since Discord was launched in 2015, its prominence has grown significantly over the past few year. With 150 million monthly active users, it is a popular social media app among gamers, allowing them to communicate with others via text, voice, and video.

Discord has announced that it will be bringing some major improvements to its Android app. The app is switching to React Native developers to improve the quality of updates and user interface patterns. As a result, users may receive faster app updates and better user experiences. Key highlights of the Discord update are:

  • Streamlined and consistent experience across all platforms
  • Faster app update release cycles for new features
  • Illustration of two Android devices side-by-side

Why React Native Developers?

React Native is widely used across popular mobile apps, such as Instagram, Shopify, Tesla, and Pinterest. Discord has been using this framework for its iOS app. The shift to React Native on Android makes Discord more consistent across iOS, Android, and desktop. It means that the design of the app on Android will more closely resemble the desktop or iOS.

Here’s what Discord officials have to say:

“React Native allows us to streamline and consolidate our processes, which helps our engineers work more efficiently and push out updates more frequently, especially now that the team won’t be spending as much time maintaining different codebases for different devices.”

React Native is a great choice when it comes to streamlining app development processes, helping developers work effectively. Plus, there is no need to spend much time maintaining different codebases for different devices. Below are some additional reasons that turn React Native developers into a rewarding choice for mobile app development.

  1. Global Application

Conceiving an Android mobile app, count on the smooth implementation of diverse functionality that comes with a React Native app development company. This makes it possible to create all types of mobile apps, be they simple event apps or multifunctional social media networks.

  1. Single Codebase

Another reason why React Native is a great choice is that it builds a bridge between web UI components and their native counterparts. It doesn’t require two different development teams for two different platforms. Also, there is no need to synchronize features and layouts. Just hire React Native developers and create a single codebase that works on both Android and iOS.

  1. Faster and Cheaper Development

Along with the ability to create a single codebase for all platforms and realize an array of original concepts, React Native developers empower businesses to build two versions of the app simultaneously for both platforms. As a result, parallel use of code results in cutting the development costs and fastening the development process.

  1. Familiar Programming Language

Even if a frontend developer has never used React Native, they can kick-start the development part with some self-education. This is because React Native apps require less specialized knowledge, especially if your team can program in JavaScript and React.js. All it requires is a little googling to know which web components correspond with which mobile components.

  1. Matchless User Experience

There are enough business stories to listen when you are making the first steps with React Native developers. The technology or framework is able to deliver new features faster than native tools. Thanks to Hot reloading, it becomes possible to add alterations without disrupting the workflow of the app.

Summing Up

From Facebook to Airbnb, everyone is using React Native for their mobile apps. And Discord is no exception. After all, these apps are easy to write, saves time for React Native developers, and cuts costs for project managers. Plus, there is no need to deal with two separate codebases for Android and iOS. So, what do you think?

Hire React Native developers today.


  1. Why do I Need React Native?

If you wish to build mobile apps mostly on native platforms, then you will need React Native. It will allow you to deliver a native, customized user experience without worrying about complex codebases and platforms.

  1. Is it a Good Option for Startups?

React Native is the choice of framework for many companies, from tech giants to young startups. If you are going to launch a startup, then React Native could be the right place to build your business app. It is fast, cheap, and easy to use.

  1. Can I Migrate an Existing App to React Native?

Yes, you can! As an experienced React Native app development company, we offer migration services that will allow you to migrate your existing app to React Native.