Important Considerations Companies Make Before Hiring React JS Developers

Regardless of what is said about not judging a book by its cover, the first impression of any business depends on how its front-end appears. A lot can be said about a business from one glance at its front-end – the business approach, the values that the organization upholds, the way it communicates its ideas, etc.  

For this reason, businesses try to put their best foot forward when it comes to showcasing the company’s identity through its front end. React JS development services are usually relied upon for this as it is regarded as the best in its class among front-end frameworks.

React app development services have been the most sought after services by businesses around the world that value creating their online image through a reliable, functional, and aesthetically appealing app or website for their company.

With the biggest organizations in the world as well as Fortune 500 companies, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tesla, etc. turning to React JS development companies to build their apps, the demand for hiring React JS developers has grown at record pace.

One of the biggest advancements in web technology has been the proliferation of front-end frameworks. These frameworks make it possible for a business’ web app to use an Application Program Interface (API) just like any other program would. React JS offers a great level of flexibility and performance that can help businesses build a scalable solution complete with interactive UIs.

Why is React JS So Popular among Business Owners?

  • React JS is known for its high performance. React JS makes use of a powerful algorithm, which is known as the Virtual DOM. This algorithm makes the task of a developer easy by providing a tool that can be used to easily compare the current page structure with the planned page structure. Once this comparison is made, it becomes easy to update the right components as soon as any change in the data occurs.
  • React is scalable. React makes use of a single language for server-side, client-side, as well as mobile applications. This makes it extremely easy to scale the app as the size of the business increases.
  • React is stable. React JS is backward compatible. This means that it rarely or never at all changes its interface. This feature makes it extremely easy for the legacy projects to be upgraded to the latest version of React JS without making any change in the codebase or by making very few minor tweaks.
  • React is flexible. It can be very easily clubbed with a number of managers (e.g. Flux, Redux, Reflux, or Alt) and construct applications with varied architectural patterns.
  • React is component-based. Another unique feature of React is that it allows developers to create an encapsulated component that independently manages its own state. Complex UIs are composed of these individual components.
  • React is SEO-friendly. The SEO codes can be processed on the server and the virtual DOM is shown on the browser as a regular web page.

Since the above points help clear that React JS development services can help create an exceptional app or website, it is not right to underestimate the potential of a developer in turning things around for the company.

The right man for the job can effectively give the organization the exact front-end that it seeks for its business website. It is essential, therefore, to hire the best React JS development company to translate your ideas into reality.

Why is React JS So Popular among Business Owners?

The following four steps can help business hire the right React JS developer who fits the bill for fulfilling project requirements:

Step 1: Scouting for Talent

When starting out with the project, the most important thing is to have the right team by your side. Shortlist a few companies based on their past work, willingness to take on your project, team size, and capabilities, money matters, etc. Once you’ve produced a list of potential companies that you can work with, it is time to start narrowing down the talent pool based on the most important criteria for your project.

A surge in the demand for React JS app development services has resulted in skyrocketing prices of hiring these services. It is important to take some time to narrow down a list of attractive, yet cost-effective solutions.

Step 2: Go Through the Company Portfolio

An efficient candidate’s portfolio can be relied upon as the background for further stages of the interview process for selection. The portfolio and claim of past work provides a general idea about the expertise of the potential company. The most vital things that businesses need to concentrate on are:

  • Does the candidate have enough experience working with React JSto be suitable for a project like yours?
  • Examples of SPAs being developed by them
  • References from previous clients
  • Know-how of the newly released features, libraries, and shifts in the React interface.

These points can serve as great starter questions in the interview and based on the responses, the conversation can be taken forward.

Step 3: Assess the Soft Skills as well as the Technical Skills of a Candidate

It is important to remember that once hired, this developer or development team will work with you till the completion of the project. If your temperament or way of working does not match with the person, it can result in issues that might even lead to abandonment of the project in the future.

You have to work with this person for a long duration, so make sure they are reliable, able to meet deadlines, communicate ideas clearly, and listen well to others. While the personal skills can be assessed by you in a few meetings, set up small tasks for the developers to understand their technical prowess. Take a clear idea about their understanding of JavaScript, React JS, their views on its potential in comparison with other technologies, their knowledge on the subject of architectural patterns, compatibility with React, etc.

Step 4: Jot down the Important Questions that You Should Not Forget to Ask a Candidate during the Interview

This is an important step and helps you evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of a developer. If you cannot get help from a React JS developer from your own team to assist you in getting the questions ready, you should take charge of this step on your own. Prepare a list of questions that you need to ask and make sure you know the right answers before you set out to test their knowledge.

Some common questions that can be asked include the following:

  • Briefly compare React with other JavaScript frameworks
  • How different is Real and Virtual DOM
  • What do you understand by props and how can you use them
  • What is JSX
  • Compare pure and general components in React
  • How can you differentiate between ES5 and ES6 syntax
  • Compare MVC with Flux
  • What are the limitations of React
  • Why have you chosen React

Once you get answers to these questions, you can easily establish the technical understanding of the candidate.

Final thoughts

Though the whole process might look quite challenging, the aforementioned four steps will help you to run it in a smooth and fast manner. Hiring the right team for the job is the most important leg-up that you can give your project in order to push it towards success.