ICO Marketing- How to Strategize Your ICO Effectively

How to stay on top of all the current ICOs?

Seeing the present situation, when seemingly the new ones appear out of nowhere, and others disappear just as fast.

According to Token Data, ‘2017 had 902 ICOs but by March 2018, 46 percent of these tokens had already failed.’

It means that these ICOs were not able to hit their funding goal, and the project was no longer being actively developed.

As the competition is getting tough day by day, planning a marketing strategy that helps in accomplishing success is quite important. Also, planning a specialized marketing campaign will help to attract token investors and enthusiasts.

This is why the businesses want to opt for a professional ICO marketing agency in India that is well versed with the techniques and tactics and can help in planning a result-oriented marketing strategy.

What is ICO?

Expanded as Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs are becoming increasingly popular, creating a multi-billion-dollar market.

ICO marketing services are being actively practiced throughout the world.

The biggest reason of ICOs gaining popularity is that the Initial Coin Offerings are giving startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space access to limitless crowdfunded capital.

Yes, the ICO revolution has begun, and they will definitely stay. Here are a few facts that illustrate the statement-

– $96 million was raised via ICOs in 2016
– $6 billion was raised via ICOs in 2017
– $6.3 billion was raised via ICOs by April 2018

ICO is creating a billion-dollar market. As the Initial Coin Offerings continue to provide limitless crowdfunding capital to start-ups and entrepreneurs, it will continue to rise. But how to strategize an effective ICO marketing plan. Here are a few tips that you need to know-

Craft an interesting story

According to the best ICO marketing agency in India- an interesting and compelling story will act as magnets. Your audience wants to know your mission and those who share the same belief and values are easy to target.

When you hire professional ICO marketing services, they will present it in a perfect way that not only attracts prospects but also converts them into supporters.

Know your audience

For all those who are in ICO marketing services know that half of the world doesn’t even know what an ICO is. So, when you plan marketing an ICO, it is best to know about your target prospects. The ICO marketing agency in India will design the plan around a particular group of people.

The professionals in ICO marketing will segment the entire marketing efforts into two- one that targets the experienced cryptocurrency crowd and other for the new. This is helpful in creating the right campaign- what all to include and what not.

ICO Consultant

We all know that the token market is new. And, some of the inexperienced groups are also launching coins and end up facing a failure many times.

Getting in touch with the best ICO marketing agency is the right approach to enter the world. These professional companies have a team of experienced and dedicated engineers who know how to produce an amazing product and flawless code.

Transparency is key

The much-needed feature of your ICO marketing plan. Even the professional ICO marketing services boast about their strategy transparency. In order to attract the interest of potential buyers, transparency is required.

Lack of transparency can act foul and greatly reduce the interest of the buyers. So, the best ICO marketing agency will recommend you to make things transparent, include pictures, add links to team member’s social media accounts, etc.


Last but not least. ICO compliance is a very important factor. A number of issues regarding the compliance have been noticed in the past. So, when the ICO marketing agency in India will strategize a plan, they will ensure strict adherence to the guidelines.

As the competition gets tough, the regulations are even increased and there is a reduction in marketing channels, ICO marketing gets even hard. However, hiring professional ICO marketing services will help you strategize a perfect ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) marketing plan.

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