How to Hire the Right ReactJs Developer in 2022? 5 Skills to Consider

ReactJs has emerged as the top web development framework in the last few years. Hence, we will see the demand for ReactJs developers increase in 2022. According to Statista, ReactJs is the most used framework with 40.14% of developers. And the number is constantly rising.

Do you want to build a robust single-page application with interactive UI? Then ReactJs is the option you need. Indeed, this web framework is excellent. But that is not enough to ensure a successful web app project. Then what else?

You need to work with someone who possesses the right experience and expertise in the field. You should do a thorough background check when hiring an on-site or freelance React developer. Here, we will discuss the top skills to watch out for in your prospective developer. Before this, let us learn what ReactJs is and why it is in demand.

  • What is ReactJs

    ReactJs is a popular open-source JavaScript web app library. Currently, 11,179,235 live websites depend on ReactJs. Some leading names on the list are BBC, Behance, Bloomberg, etc. You see both start-ups and well-established brands use ReactJS. Why not? It allows developers to build intuitive user interfaces for web apps or single-page applications.Another thing that makes ReactJs a reliable option is support by Meta (Facebook’s parent company). Besides this, what does an enterprise look for in a web application? It is speed, simplicity, and scalability. What if we tell you that React offers all?If you need more convincing to decide whether to hire React developer in India or not, keep reading. The following are the benefits you can reap with ReactJs.

  • Why do you need a ReactJs developer?

    Before we dig into the reasons for hiring ReactJs services, here is something you should know. As per the Stack Overflow survey, React is the most loved JavaScript library. Let us discover the reasons.

    • High performance – React has Virtual DOM, an incredible feature responsible for its high performance. It depends on observable to identify changes in state and prop. The Virtual DOM object represents the DOM object, and all the changes are kept in memory. After this, React uses ReactDOM to sync Virtual DOM with Real DOM to send the updates.
      In simple words, when changes are made in Virtual DOM, it changes in Real DOM too. It makes the process easy and fast.
    • Fast and quality coding – React aids developers in writing quality and modular code. As a result, it breaks the project into various components. And it ensures code reusability, which boosts the productivity of your potential ReactJs developer. Plus, it helps you complete the development process in less time.
    • Component-based architecture – Unlike other JavaScript technologies, ReactJs comes with Component-based architecture. It refers to an application architecture featuring modular, independent, and reusable blocks. These are called components. With this architecture, developers can encapsulate pieces of a larger user interface into micro-systems.
    • Extensive community – Another excellent feature of ReactJs is its strong community of Meta (Facebook’s parent company). In addition to this, it has plenty of support from proficient and independent contributors across the globe.
    • Easy maintenance – Thanks to its modular structure, developers can update and maintain ReactJs with ease. Besides this, building scalable and flexible projects is effortless. It might seem beneficial to developers. But in the run long, you can save money and time maintaining your React web app.

These are some benefits you can enjoy if you hire a ReactJs developer. The list is quite long. All we can sum that ReactJs is a perfect choice for modern-day projects while helping you to save time and money. If you are ready to use React for your upcoming project, we will share tips for hiring a perfect ReactJs professional.

React JS Developer Skills
  • Top technical skills to look for in your ReactJs developer

    Whether you hire a React developer freelancer or on-site, you should consider technical and non-technical skills. So, your prospect must have good communication, decision-making, and teamwork, managerial and organizational skills along with analytical skills. And these technical skills are essential for a successful project in 2022.

    • JSX – JSX is also referred to as a ReactJs environment’s extension. Like CSS and HTML, it is an essential component. These days, developers with a deeper understanding of JSX are preferred over HTML. The former is used in most of the interactions.
      But what makes JSX a vital component of ReactJs web development? Built on React.createElement() API, JSX is an abstract layer that allows developers to create apps efficiently. Otherwise, developers cannot develop these apps using react APIs.
    • Git – Git toolbox is an excellent IntelliJ IDEs plugin. So, when you search for a ReactJs developer, they must have hands-on experience working with the Git tool. It aids programmers in editing or adding projects on coding forums like Gitlab, GitHub, and BitBucket.
      When using platforms, developers are required to fulfill some duties frequently. These are resolving disagreements, merging strategies, and implementing push and pull to keep up with the changes. Therefore, your potential developer must have the following skills, including:
      • Tracking changes with push and pull
      • Creating strategies for branching and merging
      • Handling merge disagreements
    • JavaScript fundamentals and ES6 – Since React is a JavaScript-based technology, your developer must understand JavaScript fundamentals. In simple words, a ReactJs developer cannot ace a web app project without knowing the essentials of JavaScript. In addition to this, having ES6 skills is equally important. The following are some ways ES6 helps ReactJs programmers.
      • Array methods
      • Scoping and variables
      • Arrays and objects
      • Event handlers and data manipulations
      • Callbacks and high order functions
      • Object creation and the prototype chain
      • JavaScript classes
      • “This” keyword

      Do you want to make the most of ReactJs? If so, hire an on-site or freelance React developer with fluency in JavaScript and ES6.

    • Node + NPM – You may not be aware, but React developers use NodeJs for web app development. Are you wondering why? The reason is developers utilize NodeJs for server-side and client-side programming.
      Although React developers can depend on an HTML file, plenty of packages are available that ensure customization. Therefore, besides Nodejs, programmers must have an extensive understanding of the npm registry. Here, your potential developer can access software that helps create web applications. Npm registry is referred to as cloud storage for packages that we call dependencies.
    • Redux – It is an in-built state management library of React. In the past, React programmers faced challenges while discovering its asynchronous nature. That is where Redux came into the picture. It is a predictable state container that allows developers to write JavaScript apps. The best thing is they work consistently across all server, client, and native platforms. Plus, they are easy to test.
      The fundamental principles behind Redux are immutability and functional programming. But, it may not be a suitable answer for all. For this reason, your developer must learn the basic React programming concepts before diving into Redux.

In closing

We understand with a plethora of developers, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. But if you know what to look for, the process will become less hectic. Also, you can make an informed decision by analyzing whether it suits your project budget and needs or not.

Now, you know which skills are essential for React web app development. We hope you will consider all these when interviewing your React developer freelancer or on-site.

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  1. What are the key responsibilities of ReactJs developers?

A ReactJs developer has numerous responsibilities in the app development industry. But the primary one is using React to design and implement the user interface components for both web and mobile applications.

  1. How much does it cost to hire a ReactJs programmer?

The cost of hiring a ReactJs developer depends on various factors like your location, project needs, and agency. The choice between freelance or on-site developers can also affect the price. However, on average, you can expect the cost between $83k and $126K per year.

  1. Is ReactJs a popular technology in 2022?

Yes, ReactJs is one of the most popular JavaScript technologies currently. It allows developers to create intuitive interfaces at a much faster rate. React is a choice of start-ups and big brands like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Uber, New York Times, etc.