How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace: A Guide to Create Your Own Amazon

Back in 1991, purchasing products with a few clicks was an extraordinary thing. But today, we are accustomed to online shopping, all thanks to Jeff Bezos. He founded Amazon, a leading multi-vendor online marketplace. Currently, it has more than 300 million active users across the globe.  

Given the success and popularity of this online platform, almost every entrepreneur looks up to Amazon. They use it as an inspiration for creating a multi-vendor marketplace app. Why not? After all, this digital platform serves millions of buyers and vendors. Amazon works as a bridge between suppliers and consumers. 

In the first place, what is a marketplace app?

Well, it is an online platform that brings sellers and buyers together. It provides a feasible environment for both selling and buying while ensuring guarantees. 

Besides Amazon, other giants like eBay have taken the online shopping experiences to another level. 

We can say that Amazon is ruling the online marketplace. It also encourages entrepreneurs to invest in this flourishing domain. Before hiring web programmers in India, you should know what it takes to build a multi-vendor marketplace app. But firstly, you need to understand why Amazon is widely accepted. 

  • Why is Amazon popular? 

    The tech giant works on four primary principles that helped them gain credibility to emerge as the most trustworthy company. These principles are:
    • Focus on meeting customers’ needs instead of trying to be better than competitors.
    • They are passionate about inventing new things.
    • Work on long-term goals rather than short-term plans. 
    • Committed to delivering exceptional operational services.

When it comes to building a marketplace app like Amazon, it is not an easy win. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the best web programmer services. In addition to this, add the essential features to make your marketplace app stand out from competitors. 

What does it take to create a multi-vendor marketplace app like Amazon?
  • Must-have features for a marketplace app

    If you want to create a successful marketplace app like Amazon, you must consider these features. Below, we have listed them all. 
    • Hassle-free registration – Online users do not like complicated registration. Often, this is one of the reasons why you may lose potential customers. For this reason, it is best to offer a seamless registration process. The easiest the process, the more users will retain on your marketplace app. 
    • Integrate your marketplace app with social media –Yes, today, it is essential because most online users on social media sites. If you integrate your app with social media, you can market your app to more online users. Besides this, users can access your marketplace app through Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and other social media platforms. 
    • Advanced search – Another feature you must consider for your marketplace app is effective and state-of-the-art search options. It is an essential feature that helps your users to search and purchase products with ease. So, make sure you add advanced search options to your workplace app. 
    • Add to cart – You cannot miss out on including the “Add to cart” option in your app. Not all users will immediately buy your goods. Some may like to save it in the cart to buy later. Therefore, this feature is a must-have. 
    • Voice search –Online users love voice search because it is a convenient way to do online searches. Considering the hectic schedule, most people use voice search for fetching information and purchasing products. Do you want your business to stay ahead of competitors? If yes, then your product pages should comply with voice search parameters. 
    • Convenient payment methods – Do you know why Amazon is a choice of many is the availability of multiple payment methods? It makes the purchasing experience of consumers seamless. If you are looking for a marketplace app like Amazon, you should offer convenient payment gateways. It includes cash on delivery, bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and many more.  Depending on their needs and preferences, your customers may choose the payment method. 
    • Push notifications – It is a fast-running world where people have limited time for everything. Thus, many online users may forget about the product they added to their cart. In this situation, the push notifications feature is your savior. It helps you keep reminding your visitors and customers about the product they reviewed recently. It is the best way to keep your customers coming back to your marketplace app, checking out products, and making a purchase. 

      Hence, if you want to ensure the success of your marketplace app, invest in a reliable push notification system.
      Other vital features to run your marketplace app smoothly are order tracking and history, delivery status, ratings and reviews, and checkout page. 

In closing 

To build a marketplace app like Amazon, you should begin with research and planning. With this, you will know your target audience and business goals. Based on this, you can choose your features, design, and layout and identify the platform to launch your app. Also, when you hire a web programmer’s company, make sure they have the necessary skills and knowledge. 

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