How Retailers can Capitalize on Black Friday Sales by Hiring Mobile App Development Services

Thanksgiving is around the corner and retailers look forward to Black Friday with a characteristic mix of excitement and anxiety. The event is firmly placed on the US calendar and is regarded as even more important than Boxing Day by retailers.

This year however, the retail stores, supermarkets, and electronic stores are going to miss the clichéd Black Friday hysteria as most shoppers would prefer shopping through their mobile phones from the safety and comfort of their homes. The takeaway from this year’s pandemic-hit shopping scene is that a bigger proportion of sales occur through smartphones.

Irrespective of the type of store you own, now is the time to hire a mobile app developer to ensure your readiness for the best promotional event of the year. Whether you have experimented with mobile apps in the past or not, it has become a necessity in today’s time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday present a perfect opportunity for your business to step into and expand into a brand new territory of online shopping. By putting in the right kind of efforts, you can reap the benefits of going online with your business.

Get Mobile Solutions for Your Store

If recent research data is to be believed, most mainstream retailers are severely underprepared for a mobile Black Friday despite the year-long focus on online shopping due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The traditional keyword ranking data indicates that most major firms are not even visible on search pages as either the brands do not have a mobile presence or haven’t optimized their stores’ discoverability on the internet for the key phrase ‘Black Friday’.

In order to cash in on the shopping season of the year, it is essential to plan your business app in advance and either hire a mobile application development company in US or engage a remote mobile app developer to turn your vision into reality. Since most of the shopping will happen online this year, planning in advance will greatly help you release offers and deals early so that your customers are made aware of them in time.

Take Timely Action to Get Retail Apps Ready

Retailers need to make their involvement in Black Friday better discoverable on the internet in order to make the most of the situation. Having a mobile app developer create an app for you to offer well-publicised deals and discounts directly through it can greatly boost the business revenue during this season. At the same time, it can help reduce the amount you would otherwise end up paying to the third-party websites to carry your promotions.

Since Black Friday deals witness heavy rush, the app that you create should be able to withstand the increase in traffic and demand on D-day, otherwise customers might get frustrated and look at other lucrative solutions on the internet.

As a business owner, you cannot afford to take second chances on Black Friday. Incorporating sleek UX and intelligent incentive structure can not only boost user retention, but also guarantee loyal repeat customers.

Prepare Well for the Event

Black Friday has always been a big event for retailers all across the country. This year is going to be no different, barring the fact that billions of dollars will exchange hands online. It is absolutely necessary for businesses, therefore, to use every tool at their disposal to prepare well for the event.

They need a thorough understanding of the following points in order to be successful:

  • Where will the maximum traffic aggregate?
  • How to influence download and drive sales?
  • Budget planning and app optimization
  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • Ad spending budget
  • Images and marketing collateral
  • Brand image and reviews

Marketing for the event should be done in a planned and organized manner as well. App marketing differs from physical stores marketing and needs to be started well in advance so as to bring maximum benefits.

The following points, if incorporated in the marketing strategy, can make the exercise more effective:

  • Create a suitable campaign for the event
  • Arm yourself with ample ad creatives
  • Ensure existing customers contribute to initial revenue and spreading of word
  • Closely monitor how the app is performing and if the marketing efforts are bringing the desired results
  • Invest big during this time of the year as it is the main shopping season

Black Friday shopping appeals to a diverse set of target customers, so it is important to design the app keeping the audience in mind. As people are already in the frame of mind for shopping, they can be shown different ads at different locations based on their activity on the internet.

For this reason, keeping a good amount of ad creatives handy is a must. Statistics reveal that the cost of acquiring new customers is six times higher than the cost of targeting existing customers. Therefore, brands should focus on ensuring that existing customers make heavy purchases through the app.

For this to happen, timely information about discounts, deals, and app details should be provided to them. Push notifications, emails, and retargeting campaigns can work well to ensure existing customers are notified of the offers and brought in to make purchases during the Black Friday sales.

Capturing the interest of your prospective audience and converting them into loyal customers of your brand is essential in times of increased competition on the internet. With an ever-rising focus on online shopping in 2020, it has become absolutely essential for brands to take their business online in order to survive. Just having a great app is no longer enough – it has to be supplemented with the right form of marketing at such times of the year for attracting a large customer base. With events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year lined up around the corner, this is the best time to hire a mobile app developer and invest in a great app for your business.


As more and more businesses go online in 2020, it is essential that brands make the efforts to build their online presence. Black Friday sale season is an ideal time to launch your mobile app to capture the interest of audience through amazing deals and discounts. Focus on creating an apt app for your business and market it well to create a loyal customer base.