How Mobile Apps Help the Healthcare Industry Reach Patients Successfully

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, human beings have locked themselves inside their homes to limit their chances of getting exposed to the virus. As a result, various industries are turning to mobile applications to keep their businesses running while complying with social distancing norms. The healthcare industry is one of them.

The last few months have seen an increasing number of healthcare professionals hiring mobile app development companies to deliver their patients the required medical help even during the nationwide lockdown. To explain the role of mobile apps in helping hospitals to deliver patient satisfaction, we have used an example of the Boston-area South Shore Health System.

In this post, you will learn how South Shore Health System used a mobile app to raise HCAHPS scores for its OB/GYN department by constantly providing information to expectant patients.

What is the role of mobile applications in delivering patient satisfaction?

Luke D. Poppish, the vice president of operational excellence, while addressing the HIMSS20 Digital presentation, said that South Shore Health System takes pride in its OB/GYN department.

Further, he added that when they witnessed an average Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems grades, they were a bit off the track. But mobile app helped them get better HCAHPS scores using patient care mapping.

The use of a mobile app was done when the team of South Shore Health System realized that there was a communication gap between the hospitals, maternity offices, and the patients. This communication problem confused on their patients, and they didn’t know the real stories. This is when taking action was necessary.

Additionally, Poppish mentioned that patients were receiving inconsistent information from various healthcare providers and every time the message was passed, it was changed. Thus, a streamlined mobile resource was the perfect solution to all the problems faced by the South Shore Health System. The app allows all expectant patients to get consistent information on various services such as the maternal-fetal, the labor experience, and postpartum experience. With the implementation of the mobile app, the HCAHPS scores of the South Shore raised by 38%.

So, this is how one great mobile app can fix big problems, especially during situations like the ongoing pandemic! If you want to create an effective mobile app for your business, make sure you hire one of the best mobile application development companies in the US. We, at SoftProdigy, have years of experience in creating user-friendly mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Summary – The South Shore Health System of Boston developed a new app to create awareness about the bariatric surgery program to help patients prepare for the procedure. Learn how mobile apps can be used in various ways to improve the healthcare industry to deliver patient satisfaction.