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At SoftProdigy, you can hire Ruby developers that take responsibility for code quality and ensure scalability in the future. As a leading Ruby on Rails development company, SoftProdigy has 10+years of experience in developing complex SaaS applications, administration systems, booking apps, on-demand apps, and other custom software.

On top of that, we have fine-tuned our Ruby on Rails development services that would be exactly in line with your business, market, and price-quality ratio. Get ready to experience streamlined development, transparent cooperation, and fast delivery.

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Industries We Serve

Our Strong Suits

Let your patients consult you, get prescriptions, and share their records safely online with performant healthcare web apps. Be it online booking, scheduling, or consultation, we build feature-rich apps that provide users with engaging and hassle-free UI/UX.


Boost your F&B business with an interactive web app! We make restaurant-specific platforms that will help your customers order online and get food delivery on demand. Our apps are compatible with business database systems and allow easy invoicing and payments.


Running an on-demand delivery service? Get a game-changing platform for exceptional user experience. We turn on-demand app ideas into ground-breaking realities and help businesses make a world of difference. Let your customers enjoy fast and effective services.


FinTech is the new big thing! Our FinTech ROR app development processes prioritize security, scaling, and stability. We cover all those bases and take necessary security measures. We make it easy for your customers to trust your FinTech services by ensuring high security.


Online learning gave birth to EdTech and we’re all in for it! We use the versatility and convenience of Rails that will help you quickly grow your platform from an EdTech startup app to an online giant. Your users are in for a great learning experience.


Fitness Tech has been in the digital space for a while now and fitness brands have embraced the change whole heartedly. Turn your fitness brand into a huge digital success with an interactive platform with SoftProdigy’s seamless ROR development services.


Ruby on Rails Development Services for Businesses of All Sizes

Be it a startup or an established enterprise, we cater to businesses of all sizes and types, irrespective of the market. We will help you digitize your business by focusing on the key pain-points and then by providing business-goals-oriented solutions. Our team values transparent cooperation and encourage you to participate actively in the project development life cycle. So, hire RoR developers that extend beyond error-free coding to post-deployment maintenance.

Over 60% Of Senior Developers
4 Years Minimum Experience
50+ Successful Software

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Our Development Process

One of the best ways to evaluate our Ruby on Rails development company is to walk through our development process where we talk in length about how we turn ideas into realities.

6Developing Software

Lastly, we define the software’s architecture before developing the modules, classes, and libraries.

5Designing Layouts

A visual guide or UI sketch is created for the client. Once approved, the design is implemented.

4Selecting Technology

This is when our developers pick the right platform, technology, environment, and structure for the project.

1Creating a Roadmap

We outline the development journey of the project to determine its structures and functionalities.

2Defining the Audience

An analytics report is prepared with information like the type, age, and gender of the target audience.

3Deciding on the Timeline

Since some projects are time-bounded, we create a clear timeline for the entire development process.

Our Agile Methodology


Web Solutions That Outsmart The Competetion

Ruby on Rails Development Services for Web

Using the Ruby programming language, RoR framework, and RubyGems package management, we build unique websites, intranets, content management systems (CMS), and single-page applications (SPA) that can operate on any operating system (OS). Get highly interactive designs and UIs that follow the Web 2.0 philosophy.

Mobile Apps That Exceed The Expectation

Ruby on Rails Development Services for Mobile

Using Ruby on Rails, our developers create robust, responsive, and reliable mobile apps that deliver an excellent user experience. The services we provide mainly include mobile-first development for iOS and Android devices, smooth access to native functionalities, and intuitive UI/UX designs for native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps.Lastly, we define the software’s architecture before developing the modules, classes, and libraries.

Our Ruby on Rails Competencies

We are confident and knowledgeable enough to provide best-in-class Ruby on Rails development services with effective coding, security, maintenance, and support. Our designed patterns are suitable for both small and large-scale businesses worldwide.

  • Industry-Specific Expertise and Experience
  • Fast and Cost-Effective RoR Development
  • Simple Infrastructure and Fast Deployment
  • Agile Methodology and Uncompromised Code Quality
  • Proactive Prevention of Vulnerabilities
  • Software Built to Scale, Succeed, and Shine

Awards & Recognition

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Our Work Speaks Louder than Words

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The Tech Stack

We're a Ruby on Rails web development company not only because we love Ruby on Rails (though it's definitely a major reason) but also because this technology helps us write better web apps in less time and with fewer errors.

Web Server
Nginx Web Server
app frameworks
ruby on rails sinatra
app Server
PostgreSQL mongoDB
bluebox rackspace heroku
github Kubernetes docker

Frequently Asked Questions

Our developers always work with the latest versions of RoR. At present, we are using the Rails 7.0 version.
We mostly use industry-based project management tools, including Jira, BaseCamp, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Google Analytics, etc.
Yes, Ruby has some powerful built-in plugins that allow developers to build complicated web and app projects faster and with high efficiency.
We are able to build all types of websites, mobile apps, web portals, social networking platforms, e-commerce applications, social media websites, and so on.
In general, we use MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, and MongoDB for Ruby on Rails development projects.
Yes, you can hire Ruby developers that will devotedly work on your project as your team members. Plus, you will get complete access to them throughout the project for your convenience.