Hire Facebook Advertising Experts To Increase Sales With Facebook Ads in Facebook Marketplace

Gone are the days when business owners had to depend totally on their traditional Facebook posts or ads or pages for increasing sale. You are reading absolutely right. It is because Facebook is rolling out one after another new features for businesses to maximize their sales. According to the Facebook marketing experts in India, one such feature is Facebook Marketplace. This is the feature we are going to talk about today.

What Exactly is Facebook Marketplace?

Now this must be the first question doing rounds in your brain. It is actually Craigslist’s replica launched by Facebook. It allows you to buy and sell everything. According to report, more than 18 million items have already been listed in the marketplace by sellers. A lot of users have been seen showing interest in items listed in Facebook marketplace. Some users are taking items on rent whereas some are purchasing them. Therefore, Facebook marketing experts in India see it as a new medium for business owners to increase their sales.

You can sell anything. For example:

1) A house
2) Video Games
3) Musical Instruments and records
4) Clothes
5) Vehicles
6) Furniture

It also allow business owners to list their products in marketplace as available for rent. Most importantly, the company now has opened it for Facebook paid ads also. Now it is going to be another way for sellers to use Facebook paid ads to increase their sales.

1) All businessmen should now do some serious thinking in this regard. As for reason, it is a place that collaborates businesses and consumers. It is places where businesses and consumers cater to the requirements of each other. So business owners wanting to utilize Facebook paid ads to boost their sales through marketplace will now need to hire Facebook advertising expert in India.
2) According to Mike Manning, Corporate Communications Manager at Facebook, our marketplace is way for business owners to extend their Facebook advertising campaigns. Their campaign actually begin in news feed of users and extends ads to appear in our marketplace and Instagram also.
3) According to the Facebook advertising experts in India, businesses will get the luxury of Automatic Placement Option to increase the chances of boosting sales through ads.
4) Advertisers will also have the luxury to limit the visibility of their ads to a particular demographic or location etc.

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Facebook Has Rules for Ads to Appear in Marketplace:

Facebook has set some rules for ads to appear in marketplace. Therefore, it is important for business owners to hire Facebook advertising experts in India thoroughly familiar with all steps to initiate ads in Facebook’s ads manager. Let’s takes a look at all of them below:

1) Paid FB ads will appear in marketplace only when advertisers choose one of the following objectives in Ad Manager:
a) The traffic conversions
b) Catalogue sales
2) In case advertisers chose “traffic or conversions” then it is necessary for advertisers to have Shop Now button on their Facebook page.
3) Videos cannot be used for advertising in marketplace. However, you can use single or carousal ad formats.
4) Videos cannot be used currently. However, there is possibility of it in future.
5) Most importantly, make sure your Ad Campaign includes News Feed for ads to appear in Marketplace also.
6) Another important point for advertisers to keep in mind is that ads placed in marketplace appear only on smartphones and are available for advertisers and users who are based only in United States so far.

The Bottom Line:

So it is time for US based advertisers to think about running their Facebook Ad Campaigns on Facebook Marketplace also. It gives users a chance to contact seller directly and buy the product of their choice quickly. Thanks to deal with E-bay.

The company will gradually rollout this feature/facility worldwide.

You will need an experienced Facebook Advertising expert to increase your sales using Facebook Ads in Facebook Marketplace.

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