Hire Dedicated Magento Developer in India

Hire Certified Magento Developers in India


“Since release in 2008, Magento has been spreading its wings as a creator of revolutionary shopping experience on e-commerce platforms. Magento is a perfect platform for the development of an interactive and integrated digital shop for all sorts of product display and selling options. It is also a useful medium to ensure scalability, a huge amount of functionality and versatility for your e-commerce website. But this is only possible at the hands of a team of certified Magento developers having ample experience and capability to deliver tailor-made custom solutions for all sorts of e-commerce business needs and requirements. A certified developer in India will also take care of your budget in this entire process.”


    Magento stores offer ample flexibility and scalability to help you build powerful corporate presence on digital front. See the facts below and you realize the importance of hiring Magento certified developers in India to make your e-commerce store or website a huge success in the business world.

  • They develop a perfectly self-managed e-commerce store or website using My SQL and PHP as base to increase your revenue, ROI and CRO through Magento.
  • Daily/weekly and monthly reporting through easy and regular communication.
  • Certified Magento experts in India ensure zero start-up and HR cost and easy employee management.
  • Full transparency, data protection, 100% intellectual copyrights and full control on the entire development process is guaranteed.
  • Coding standards are enforced to perfection.
  • Hire Magento Developers for running multiple storefronts using a single backend system.
  • Availability of thousands of local Magento developers.
  • Massive support from the entire open source community.
  • less coding needed for development
  • They make your e-commerce website or store compatible with every operating system including Linux.
  • Certified Magento experts in India are maven at the development of a fast, easy to use and perfectly optimized Magento e-commerce website or store for search engines.
  • No requirement of financial investment for licenses.
  • Magento Stores are flexible and scalable.

SoftProdigy: The Only Competent Global Magento Extension Development Company in India.

A Group of Practiced Magento Developers in India.

SoftProdigy is a Magento e-commerce development plus company in India. All of the SoftProdigy Magento development professionals utilize their experience to perfection and empower your digital presence with the development of high quality Magento solutions.

Our Magento developers in India understand the inside-out of 150,000 lines of complex Magento coding. Their expertise and dedicated commitment to develop robust, high quality, interactive ecommerce stores/websites, easy to manage marketing tools for the management of orders, additional components and carts, flawless security features places us on top of the global Magento development industry.

We Have Successfully Established Ourselves as a Reputed Magento Extension Development Company in India Because …

Champion the Best Magento Development Practices.

We aim to build interactive e-commerce stores and pleasure for your customers and help you champion the best practices to stay on top of your industry on digital front in every possible manner. Therefore, we have the best team of the Magento developers in the entire industry.


Let’s elaborate our impeccable services, processes and tools responsible for establishing us as a leading Magento extension development company in India across the globe.

Service Block:

SoftProdigy is group of practiced Magento programmers in India offering technically innovative and solid Magento solutions with the help of our practiced coding, design and development professionals to help you meet your business goals.

  • Development of Interactive designs, APIs, Documentation
  • E-commerce consulting
  • Development of custom modules and extensions
  • Post development services
  • Customization and integration of Magento design and themes and third party tools.
  • Magento developer solutions to administer multiple store
  • Support for multiple languages for order and catalog management.
  • Development of responsive e-commerce Magento Website
  • Setup of e-commerce store.
  • Update of Magento version
  • Custom web administration and backend support
  • Perfect SEO services for e-commerce websites.
  • PSD is converted to Magento.
  • Migration of existing E-commerce websites and stores.
Tools block::

All of the SoftProdigy Magento Developers in India are properly and thoroughly educated about the utility of every latest tool and relevant innovation introduced in the market.

  • Modman
  • Ecomdev_PHPUnit
  • Magerun
  • Dac (Duplicate and Commit)
  • PHP Storm
  • Wiz
  • Developer Toolbar
  • Mage Tool
  • CommerceBug
  • Magento Debug
  • MGT Tool
  • Github
  • Xdebug
Process Block:

Finally, Our process is rigorously tested and technically safe and sound. At SoftProdigy, Quality Analysts and Magento programmers in India keep themselves inspired to exceed your requirements and expectations with the implementation of discipline and agile methodologies.

  • Head start meeting with experienced in-house team.
  • Certified, experienced and reliable Indian Magento experts streamline the layout.
  • Scope review, accurate statistics and analysis of your website.
  • Open office format.
  • Bug free coding for website development, review and testing by Magento Programmers in India.
  • You must Hire Magento Developers for perfect SEO review.
  • Basic Magento training.
  • Communication is ensured via e-mail, chat and call.
  • Online support during and after the development of your website.
  • Hire Magento developers to make your e-commerce Website live.
  • Availability of the Indian Magento Developers for streamlined layout.
  • Development of SEO and sales oriented website.

We asses and value your project requirements and work accordingly.

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