Google AdWords: 5 Mistakes that can break the Bank for You

“Mistakes help you learn and grow,” we are all familiar with this phrase. However, it is only true to limited scenarios. Mistakes are acceptable to a certain extent but not at the cost of losing money and your business. Therefore, it is best to avoid costly mistakes as much as possible. 

It is crucial when you run Google Ad campaigns because you might end up breaking the bank. If it is your first experience with Google Ads, hire a certified Google AdWords expert. Do not forget to research and do a background search before hiring someone. It is because the success of your Google Ad depends on the technologies and strategies used. 

Before we jump into Google AdWords mistakes, you must know how to hire a Google AdWords expert. Let us find out the top considerations: 

  • Hiring a Google AdWords expert: Things to consider 
    Finding the right Google AdWords expert can be a daunting task when there are countless options available. However, by considering these things, you can secure the best one for your business. 

    • They must be certified. Your Google Ad expert should pass two exams by Google and have managed a thousand dollars project recently. 
    • The services should be available at affordable and reasonable prices. 
    • Check their portfolio or previous projects, make sure they are successful.
    • It is not possible to have all positive reviews by any professional. But your potential Google Ad expert must have a significant number of good reviews. 
    • Most importantly, they should have both technical and non-technical skills. 

Although your certified Google AdWords expert would know how to run successful ad campaigns, it is good to stay informed. Here are some Google AdWords mistakes you must avoid. 

Which are the common Google Ad mistakes you must avoid?
  • Pricey Google AdWords mistakes 

    • Failing to add negative keywords – One of the primary Google Ads mistakes is not using negative keywords. If you are wondering how negative keywords help you, we are here to make you understand. 
      When you identify and add negative keywords in your Ads campaign, Google will not show your ads in searches for these words or phrases. For example, your website sells Apple laptops. There are chances your ad to appear for “refurbished Apple laptops,” which you do not want. After all, when online users click the ad and find out you sell Apple laptops, not refurbished ones, they will immediately leave your site. Please remember, you are paying for every click on your Google Ad, so it must be beneficial. 
      If you use negative keywords in your Google AdWords campaign, you can prevent them from appearing for irrelevant searches. Hence, save you money. 

    • Not setting up your Ad groups – Most marketers think that setting up Google Ad groups does not make any difference. But this is not the truth. When it comes to AdWords groups, they have a specific purpose. They help in separating your products, services, or brands. 
      For example, your website offers a range of musical instruments, such as keyboards, pianos, guitars, and drums. If you run a Google Ad with several unrelated keywords, the result will be futile. Therefore, it is advisable to take your time to organize Ad campaigns. With this, you can ensure people land on relevant pages on clicking your Ad. 
      You can set up Ad groups depending on the categories of your products or services. 

    • Failing to test your optimal bidding – If you want more clicks or conversions, you should bid on your Ad campaigns. Google allows deciding how much you can spend on a particular ad. However, most marketers make the mistake of not testing their optimal bidding and end up losing money. You can avoid this by comparing and checking the optimal bidding rates for your Google Ad campaigns. 

    • Neglecting Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – As compared to ROI, customer lifetime value is more complex. But it is crucial if you do not want to waste your money and time. 
      The customer lifetime value helps you determine how you need to spend on Ads to secure one customer. But what is customer lifetime value? 
      The CLV is nothing but the money a customer can help you generate over the lifetime of partnership with your brand. If you know your customer lifetime value, you can adjust your campaigns accordingly. Plus, you will be able to bid on those keywords that draw the right customers to your website. 

    • Incorrect installation of Google Analytics – What do we mean when we say incorrectly setting up Google Analytics? It signifies that you cannot track the clicks on your Google AdWords campaigns. As a result, there is no way to analyze the keywords that drive more traffic. In simple words, you cannot determine whether your Ad campaign was effective or not. 

The bottom line 

You just learned some Google AdWords mistakes that can leave you penniless. We hope you do not repeat these mistakes when running your Google AdWords campaigns and save thousands of dollars. Also, to ensure an effective ad campaign, make sure your certified Google AdWords expert stays up-to-date with Google because it changes algorithms frequently. 

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