Flutter: Why is it a Trend Setter in the Mobile App Development Industry?

The ecosystem of technological advancements is at its peak. We have access to numerous frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and tech stacks that it becomes challenging to choose one. 

Several studies suggest that businesses that face the highest rate of failure did not make the right choice. So, it is crucial to pick the best mobile app development framework that suits your business goals and needs. If you ever find yourself stuck in choosing a framework, you can seek the assistance of professionals. 

But if you are thinking about a cross-platform framework in 2021, Flutter is the best option. 

  • What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform framework launched by Google that helps developers to build engaging UI for multiple devices. With benefits like fast development, reduced coding, and native app performance, Flutter is hands-down the best for mobile app development.  

According to a survey by Statista, Flutter ranks as the second most popular cross-platform framework worldwide. Given this stat, it’s worth having a look at reasons to pick Flutter for your next project. 

After reading this post, you can decide whether to find the best Flutter app development company or not. Without wasting a second, let us unveil Flutter as a trendsetter of mobile app development in 2021. 

  • Flutter – the trendsetter in the mobile app development world
    • The extensive use of widgets – Widgets play a crucial role in creating the interface of the applications. Unlike many other frameworks, Flutter has a handful of widgets, such as scrolling, navigation, fonts, and many more. You can get them customized as per your screen size and provide a smooth UI experience. 
    • Easy-to-develop programming language –Flutter uses Dart as a programming language, which is Google’s in-house language. When it comes to Dart, it is a general-purpose and one-source language. Hence, both experts and beginners can access this language with ease. 
      Besides the mobile app development framework, Dart seems like a reliable language for building desktops, web, and server apps. 
    • Effortless development and maintenance – Another reason why Flutter trends are significantly easy is the development and maintenance of mobile apps. It is all because of its single codebase. Unlike other mobile apps, developers can make changes in the Flutter app without disturbing the rest of the code. Well, this helps you save both money and time. 
    • Hot Reloading –Hot Reloading or Hot Restart is an attractive feature of Flutter, which has drawn the attention of many. With the help of this feature, Flutter developers in India and worldwide can find out changes in the code within a couple of seconds. 
      Hot Reloading is especially beneficial for developers at the time of writing a code. For example, it allows them to view the progress simultaneously without saving the code and previewing it. As a result, it makes developers more productive while helping find and fix the bugs with ease. 

Based on this discussion, it is quite clear why Flutter is setting trends in mobile app development. With its incredible features and functionalities, Flutter makes the choice of framework for startups and even well-established brands. To name a few, Alibaba, Google Ads, and Hamilton Musical are using Flutter. If Flutter seems like the right choice for your business, hire a dedicated Flutter developer today.

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