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Facebook has a humungous user base! So, why not use it for the success of your business?

Paid marketing and advertising on social media has gained a great popularity in the past few years. The reason? Well, the results are great for businesses!

Reaching the social media users through the paid ads is one of the best digital advertising methods as it lets you reach the right audience in the right place and at the right time.

The tough part here is that the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that offer paid advertisements are quite full of competition. It’s like the social media channels have a limited space for all the ads while there are countless business organizations fighting for the right spot.

To get over this trouble of fighting, you can seek the professional services from a certified Facebook marketing company or Facebook advertising expert and can find the right spot in the behemoth social networks like Facebook.

Want to make the most out of your Facebook ad campaign? Allow our experts to frame the right strategy for you!

Why Choose SoftProdigy As Your Facebook Marketing Specialist?

SoftProdigy has been in service for over a decade now and throughout these years, we have managed to push our business to the heights of being one of the top Facebook ad agencies in India.

Choosing SoftProdigy as your Facebook marketing company can be your best call because of a plentiful reasons. A few of these are:

  • Constant buffing up of skills since the last decade
  • Advanced technology, social media changes, and advancements kept at hand
  • Effective utilization of auto responders.
  • A team of qualified and certified Facebook advertising experts
  • Quality experience though designing and executing countless Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Constant upgraded skills as per the new Facebook marketing guidelines
  • And a lot more is in store!

Our expertise as the best Facebook marketing specialist touches almost every aspect of Facebook ads and marketing.

Lead Generation Ads

Generating leads is all what digital marketing is about. If your digital marketing efforts do not generate leads – drop them! And pick the best Facebook marketing specialists at SoftProdigy, for the best Facebook marketing results and lead generation.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) are like a digital catalogue of your products and redirects the users to your website. This new extension by Facebook in its marketing methods has been utilized by numerous huge brands and shopping websites. At SoftProdigy, hire Facebook ad manager and experts to get your DPA’s designed and launched in an effective manner to the right audience.

New Product Ads For Existing Customers

Targeting your existing customers to sell new products is quite a lot effective and productive than targeting new customers. Thus, the new product Facebook ads for your existing customers can be your best marketing method. With SoftProdigy’s expert services, you can achieve great results!

Abandoned Cart Ads

Personalize your ads to reach the customers that have abandoned the shopping cart at your online store. These ads are specially designed to retarget such customers and remind them about the products that they had abandoned. With SoftProdigy’s Facebook marketing specialists, planning, customizing, and launching the abandoned cart ads is like a piece of a cake.

So, whatever your purpose of setting up a Facebook campaign is, we have got your back! Be it to generate traffic, customer engagement, induce people to install your app, increase video views, or to generate leads, we as a Facebook marketing company can turn things magical!

Your search for the best Facebook advertising expert ends at SoftProdigy because we know our numbers when we play!