Discussed: How to Create an Ideal Home Page for Your Website?

You have a brilliant business idea that you are sure of to take the market by storm. To turn it into reality, you need a website. 

When we say website, it means a beautifully-designed and responsive website. In simple words, it should be something that can catch the attention of users at first glance. 

For example, you have used advanced technology and incorporated excellent features into your website. But what if your visitors did not get impressed by your home page design? They will immediately hit the back button without bothering to navigate your site. It will increase your bounce rate and affect your ranking and sales. 

Therefore, if you want to make the best first impression of online users, create a perfect home page. Plus, look for the experience and expertise of your potential web programmers company to ensure success. Below, we have listed best practices to build an ideal home page. Let us get started. 

  • Describe your mission and vision – Include a hero section on your website home page. It involves a large image or slideshow that gives an overview of your mission and vision. Usually, this section comes below the navigation bar. 

    Please remember, you should not use hero sections for aesthetics as many people do. But you must offer visitors the necessary information about your business. 
  • Pick an eye-pleasing color combination Too many colors can make your website appear a mess. On the other hand, using single color can take away the appeal and attractiveness of the website. For this reason, if you want your visitors to have a pleasing experience, choose a few colors that work well together. Also, the color scheme should be relevant to your brand. 
  • Clear call to actionThe ultimate goal of creating a website is to ensure more conversions and sales. Once your visitors know what you do and what services or products you offer, you must guide them on what to do next. The best way to navigate to your product page or register their email ID is by adding a clear call to action on your home page. 
  • Make navigation easy If you are not building a single-page website, adding an easy-to-understand navigation menu to your home page is crucial. Do you know most visitors abandon websites because of their complicated navigation process? When it comes to a navigation menu, it should be accessible and highlighted on your homepage. 
  • Add logo – Logo is another vital component of a website. It gives identity to your brand or business. Therefore, do not forget to add your logo on the left side of your homepage’s top. After all, it is the place your visitors will notice first on your website. 

    Besides this, you can place your logo in the first section of your homepage or within the navigation bar. 

    A pro tip: No matter where you place the logo, make sure your visitors can spot it easily. 
  • Use relevant images Images are an essential part of website design. So, when creating your homepage, do make the best use of images. They should be of high resolution and relevant to your website. 
  • Go for standard font style Most people think that the font style does not make any difference to website visitors. But it plays an essential role for visitors to decide whether to stay or abandon your website. Choosing the right font style translates into better accessibility to a website. 
  • Contact information Something that you cannot forget to include on your website homepage is contact information. Your visitors may get some doubts while navigating your website. So, you must provide them with your phone number and email address to contact for more information. 

In closing 

If your web programmers’ services provider includes all these elements on your homepage, you can create a perfect website. With the best homepage, you can attract online visitors and encourage them to purchase or register themselves. 

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