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GAC Web Development company

SoftProdigy developed the gifting platform for GacLife (a leading health drinks provider). GacLife Gifting helps customers send some thoughtful gifts to their friends or family, without even entering their address. Just fill the form with your friends’ email, and then they can claim their free gift!

This gifting solution on the GacLife store has been built in Shopify that allows customers to gift a pre-defined product to their friends or family members after successfully purchasing a product from this store. Customers can also get reminders on set intervals through email, informing the purchaser and their friends/family to claim their gift.

A complete Gift Management interface is developed in the Shopify back-end where customers can configure gifts. It also allows customers to get order details, status, & they can also check whether the intended person actually made the gift claim or not! SoftProdigy’s hard-working team of experts and their technical excellence shaped GacLife’s idea turn into a successful reality.