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DCschoolHUB is an education platform for families that need to find the right care center, nursery school, preschool, or independent/private schools in Washington, DC area. It provides the latest information on care centers and schools with regular updates on admission events, school happenings, and everything relevant to prospective families. You can search for schools by entering nearby locations, & it will help you by giving the directory of schools, child cares, and day cares in the US. Users are also allowed to go through the available online lessons or tutorials.

DCschoolHUB is an open source website with an amazing UI/UX for users. Here, you can browse through features like school directory, messaging, blog, child care, online lessons & chat room. Users can also compare nearby schools, according to their needs. Find the best DC metro area daycares, preschools, private schools and independent schools through this amazing website developed by us!