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Crypto Exchange and Wallet Development

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There is no doubt about the fact that cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are in considerable demand these days. We can clearly owe it to the high-tech & mind-blowing features of the wallets that have made the businesses & entrepreneurs to get smitten with the crypto bug!

One of the most crucial reasons behind the impetuous popularity of Blockchain and cryptocurrency is the digital trust.

Blockchain is an emerging technology, which is soaring heights of success with decentralized app development and ICO marketing as well!
Cryptocurrency exchange development services are certainly gaining traction because of the unrivaled security and user-friendly design rising from innovation. Trust and transparency revolving around the crypto wallets and exchange software attract many to get crypto software for their business.

Another surprising fact about Blockchain is that its market size is estimated to be $60 billion by 2024. Also, Blockchain technology has already distributed more than $270 billion in transactions. Thus, we can validate the ever-expanding multi-billion dollar industry woven around Blockchain and cryptocurrency.SoftProdigy is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange development company offering the latest in the line. Our expert developers not only create white label cryptocurrency wallets but also develop dynamic wallets from scratch!

SoftProdigy is an eminent Cryptocurrency exchange development company with years of experience!

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Secure Crypto Exchange Platform

Developing highly reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms to exchange or purchase multiple cryptocurrencies is dominant in the cryptocurrency exchange development services these days. The platform should be highly transparent along with low fee and very low transaction time. Thus, a dynamic platform would be the one that can offer high exchange limits and 24/ 7 live chat support. Creating highly efficient cryptocurrency exchange platforms with quick transactions is our forté.

custom built crypto software

Custom-built Crypto Exchange Software

We build highly customized crypto exchange software in complete alignment with client goals. High rate of Transactions Per Second (TPS) in crypto exchange software is a prerequisite. We build software with high performance for minimum latency and high-speed trading. Multi-layer security should never be overlooked while building a crypto exchange software. We adhere to the SSL implementation as well as integrate encryption technology to make your crypto software safely customized to perfection.

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iOS & Android Wallet Development

Creating a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet compatible with iOS and Android is inevitable to reach maximum smartphone users. The users of iOS devices should be able to use the wallet in a smooth manner. Similarly, Android wallet app should support all the latest and dynamic features of an Android smartphone. The security feature should not be overlooked in any case! At SoftProdigy, our crypto specialists make sure that the wallets developed are reliable and trustworthy.

multi cyrpto-currency integration

Multi-Cryptocurrency Integration

When it comes to cryptocurrency wallet development, it has to be made sure that the wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies. There should not be any constraints to store and send or receive crypto tokens. Management of cryptocurrencies become even more versatile when the wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies across the digital world. The users can exchange tokens using their favorite currencies without compromise. We make sure to support as many Ethereum tokens as possible such as ERC20, BEP2, and ERC721 tokens.

SoftProdigy houses a team of cryptocurrency tech-heads! We will listen to your crypto-based idea and help you achieve it! Call us, today!

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