Creating a Successful ASO Strategy: 5 Components You Must Consider

If you want your online business to outshine the competitors, just having a robust, feature-rich mobile app is not enough. Of course, it is a sigh of relief that you have successfully launched your app. Hold on! Your work begins from here. 

Your mobile app is supposed to be in the app stores, either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In some cases, it is both. We all know that the mobile app world is highly competitive. With nearly 2.09 million apps on Apple App Store and 3.14 million apps on Google Play Store, you can have a tough time surviving. 

Please remember, no magic will happen, and online users will start downloading your mobile app. It requires effort and dedication to promote your app to the target audience. Eventually, convince them to download your mobile app. It means you need to hire App Store Optimization (ASO) services to improve your mobile search rank. 

According to a search by Google, nearly 48% of online users explore app stores to find new apps. Therefore, it is the right time to leverage App Store Optimization and improve the visibility of your mobile app. But creating a winning ASO strategy is not as easy as it seems. 

Before hiring an App Store Optimization agency, it is crucial to understand the components that make an ASO strategy successful. It will give an idea of what to expect from your prospective ASO company. Let us unveil the five essential elements of a great ASO strategy. 

What are the essential elements to create a great ASO strategy?
  1. Know your target audience – No matter which segment of digital marketing you are investing your money in, it is vital to understand the target audience. After all, if you do not know what your customers want, you cannot fulfill it. 

Most marketers neglect to know their target audiences. As a result, their ASO strategies fail miserably. But if you do not want to start on the wrong foot, spend time to identify your target audience, along with their needs and requirements. 

2. Focus on creating a strong ASO strategy –According to most marketers, optimizing keywords is the best way to improve the visibility of mobile apps. It is true, but it is the only thing. It means besides keyword optimization, you need to work on creatives that appear on the mobile search results page. They both work simultaneously to improve your mobile app discoverability and rate of conversion. 

3. Leverage Hypothesis-driven optimization – Another vital component of creating a winning ASO strategy is good hypothesis testing. It ensures creating a strong ASO strategy, which is a combination of converting text and graphics. It further encourages online users to download your app. 

A good hypothesis is nothing but a precise and to-the-point statement. Also, use it as a brief introduction for further information. With hypothesis testing, you can prevent yourself from wasting time and resources. 

4. Optimize app store graphics – Several studies suggest that graphics, like screenshots, icons, and preview videos, are the crucial assets for app store marketing. So, the best way to increase the conversion rate of your mobile app is app store graphics optimization. Your potential app store optimization agency will help you do so in the right way. 

5. Be informed by data – Once you run the test the next step is to analyze the insights. Collecting and translating the data into insight is also a vital element of a winning ASO strategy. 

Do you know ASO strategy is a cycle that is informed by the previous data? For example, you will use the results from the post-test analysis to craft new hypotheses. 

In closing 

A great App Store Optimization strategy is not one-time results-based. But it should focus on creating a long-term strategy that boosts your app discoverability and conversion rate. When you create an ASO strategy for your mobile app, make sure you consider these components. 

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