Communicating with Marketers: Tips and Tricks for Programmers

If you are starting a digital business, you need a website and a mobile app to make your online presence. For this, you must hire the best programmers. However, your responsibilities are not over with the launch of your website or mobile app. You need to hire SEO services packages to rank them in search engines and mobile search. It is a complete circle that decides whether your business will fail or succeed. 

While programmers take care of the blueprint of your digital product, marketers help you draw traffic and sales. If you want to create a product that your users will love, programmers and marketers need to work hand-in-hand. Hence, effective communication is essential between your programmers and the marketing team. 

But what will happen if your programmers fail to communicate well with your marketers? 

Communication barriers in these two teams can lead to inaccurate implementation, unrealistic design, decreased performance, etc. In simple words, all your efforts and investment will become futile. If you want to outshine your competitors and meet the needs of your tech-savvy customers, a smooth flow of communication is crucial. Let us dive into tips programmers can use to communicate with marketers. 

  • How can programmers ensure effective communication with marketers?
    • Create common objectives – Common objectives are essential for making any project successful. When it comes to programmers and marketers, they have a common goal to boost customer experience. To achieve your business goals, interaction with customers is vital. It will help you understand their pain points, needs, and demands. Therefore, both parties should communicate throughout to meet their shared objectives. 
    • Have ambiguous communication – If marketers and programmers want to understand the exact needs for the project, the time, and the scope, clear communication is necessary. 
      Sometimes, the marketing team thinks that a particular problem would take a few minutes to fix it. But it may take a few hours of the developer’s schedule. In the same way, they assume the fix will take more time, but it resolves in five or ten minutes. 
      To avoid such confusion, bridging the communication gap is vital. The best way to do so is by having clear understanding between both parties and using the tools. 
    • Set up a shared language – It is another best way to foster smooth communication. With this, you can improve cross-platform communication. As a result, the success rate of your project increases. You must be wondering how to establish a shared language? It is because coding is the language of programmers, and marketers may not understand programming languages. 
      Well, this is where online tools like Slack and Basecamp come into the picture. Using these tools, programmers and developers get on the same page to achieve the goals. However, it does not mean these tools can help marketers or programmers understand each other terms. 
    • Share all details – Please remember, partial information is of no good. It will only lead to confusion and eventually project failure. Therefore, developers must share all the details with marketers. It could be monitoring project development, marketing plan, and so on. 

The wrap-up 

These are some ways developers can facilitate effective communication with marketers to create a product that users want. Always remember, choose a communication platform that is accessible to both parties. 

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