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Intelligence is now artificial as well!

Real-time is the new cool and artificial intelligence is the new smart!

Well, no matter how much you try to deny it, businesses that are providing real-time customer support and care, are doing something right! And all that is possible because of Chatbots! If a Humanity in the Machine report by Mindshare is to be believed, at least 63% of people prefer communication with online chatbots to seek answers to their queries. And so does most of the people visiting your website but do you have a chatbot?

If not, you are way behind in the race of delivering top-notch high-tech solutions to your audience. You never know the number of times people have visited your website, couldn’t understand something, and left! If you place a chatbot on the home page of your website, it not only provides instant customer support but also engaged users into doing business with you.

If facts are to be believed, at least 83% of customers will love your brand for giving them extensive customer service through chatbots. Also, according to a TechCrunch report, the popularity of chatbots is increasingly scaling new heights among users as well as business. The availability of more than 30,000 brands using chatbots on Facebook proves it.This is why businesses are looking for the best bot development companies.

So, don’t wait! Just get a chatbot for your business today and get back up in the competition. At SoftProdigy, we house a specialized team of experts that will deliver the fastest and most interactive real-time chatbots for your business. At SoftProdigy, we gained popularity as a leading chatbot development company in India because we deliver the fastest and most interactive real-time chatbots for your business. Get help from the best chatbot developer, today!

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Chatbot Architecture

This is the most important part of the entire chatbot development cycle. It completely changes according to the use case and context of your business’s operations and the quality of architecture required for chatbot’s development. Therefore, you should think about seeking help from chatbot developers to help you choose the right chatbot architecture because of their understanding of the chatbot architecture, question and answer system, plugins/components, Node Server/Traffic Server, Front-end systems, etc. for this. SoftProdigy is one of the most accomplished bot development companies to count on!

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Natural Language Processing

The success of incorporating Natural Language Processing in a chatbot largely depends on Natural language Understanding incorporated. A chatbot development company having a team capable of using NLU and NLP for parsing identity and language’s categories that include intents, actions, entities, and context around which responses to the queries by your chatbot are framed. Nina, Swedbank’s chatbot is a perfect example of it. We have everything to be the best chatbot development company for your business.

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Conversion Design

This is another key part of your chatbot’s personality. It designs and determines the quality of your customers’ experience with your brand. It is because an effective conversion design makes use of persuasive designs and psychological triggers to help your customers’ complete some action or seek an answer to their query easily. This is another key thing you should take into account and look for a chatbot development company to help you get the chatbot your business needs. To ensure you hire a reliable chatbot development company in India, do your homework and weigh the available options thoroughly.

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Processing pipeline

Minimization of false negatives and false positives is important. This is the main benefit of the pre-processing pipeline. It is because pre-processing pipeline helps take care of errors with specialties like dependency parsing, lemmatization, POS checking and much more. Fulfillment of this challenge is essential to make sure you get the flawless and productive chatbot like iPal and Nina for your organization. Therefore, it becomes important that you hire one of the best bot development companies in the world.

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Deployment integration

Successful competition of preprocessing marks the inception of your chatbot’ deployment and integration task. It has to be accomplished correctly to ensure minimal downtime of your website or application that you are likely to integrate it with. It could be possible through the cloud or on-premise deployment. The role of microservices/REST based architecture could not be ignored in this process. This vital task could be achieved flawlessly with the help of one of the best bot development companies in India.

Maintance and support service

Support and Maintenance

Got some questions spinning in mind? Well, we would love to answer them all and help you understand the value chatbot development can add to your business. It is now your time to get out of your comfort zone and get in touch with us without any hesitation. Our expert chatbot developer will be more than happy to help you take the right decision related to your chatbot development project. SoftProdigy has been acclaimed as the best chatbot development company due to our countless satisfied customers.

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