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5 Reasons Why JavaScript is Still the Programming Language of the Future

Reasons Why JavaScript is Still the Top Programming Language
There’s no denying that JavaScript is one of the most popular technologies in the tech industry today owing to its performance and omnipresence. While companies have traditionally hired JavaScri...
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Why Millions of Developers Still Trust JavaScript for Web Application Development

Reasons that make JavaScript the most popular programming language by far
Released 20 years ago, JavaScript is still the most relevant and widely used programming language. In fact, statistics claim that around 94 per cent of the websites worldwide are created using JavaScr...
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JavaScript: Type of Applications You Can Build Using this Language

Applications that can be developed using JavaScript
The mobile application industry has continued to grow at an astonishing pace. Research projections estimate the revenue from mobile applications to exceed to $200 billion by the end of 2021. Thus, the...
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Web Development: Top Trends and Technologies to Look Out in 2021

New Tech Trends 2021 Has in Store
The events that took place in 2020 were something no one would have ever imagined. Every individual and business owner has experienced a significant shift in their lifestyle and other aspects of life....
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Quick Brick: A Toolset to boost the features of Zapp platform

- An overview of Quick Brick, a new app development framework
Each day, technology brings new changes and updates to make our lives better and more convenient. In this post, we will look at the role of Quick Brick in simplifying the OTT video app development. Ov...
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Top 6 JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development In 2020

JavaScript Frameworks
The world is moving fast and so is the world of web development. With numerous frameworks available for web development, you can expect it to grow blazingly fast. This article is dedicated to the disc...
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5 Popular Things to Do With JavaScript in This High-Tech World

Hire JavaScript developer
How did people manage when technology didn’t exist? Or were they used to that kind of life as we are with this era? Well! Whatever the answer may be, technology is the lifeline of this modern time. ...
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