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What is Virtual Influencer Marketing and How Is it Changing the Game?

Discovering the benefits of Virtual Influencer Marketing for brands.
Like real-life influencers, virtual influencers can help promote your brand to millions of followers on social media. Read here to learn the number of opportunities you get with digital influencers....
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Hybrid Shopping: How Digital and Mortar is a Winning Combination?

Is hybrid shopping the “new normal” for businesses and marketers?
The E-commerce industry has been enjoying its heyday since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But in-store shopping is very much alive. That means businesses and marketers need to focus on delivering...
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Communicating with Marketers: Tips and Tricks for Programmers

Ensuring effective communication between marketers and programmers.
If you are starting a digital business, you need a website and a mobile app to make your online presence. For this, you must hire the best programmers. However, your responsibilities are not over with...
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Discussed: How to Ensure Customer Retention With Loyalty Content?

Using loyalty content to ensure customer retention.
But are you able to retain existing ones? If not, all your efforts will become futile. In the long run, your company may cease to perform. Please remember, you cannot reach the target revenue without ...
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A Failsafe Strategy to Grow Organic Search Traffic by 436%

How did SoftProdigy help Camp Lee Mar Enhance Active Website Users?
About the project Camp Lee Mar is a leader in providing children of various needs with well-structured summer programs to focus on their overall growth and development. Their programs can vary from si...
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Amazon SEO in 2021: Everything You Need to Know About its Ranking Factors

Insight into essential ranking factors for Amazon platform.
What comes to your mind when you think about SEO? If your answer is Google, do not worry because many people think likewise. After all, it is the #1 search engine we have today.  But there is ano...
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How SoftProdigy Solutions Helped Luxury VIP Suites Increase the Number of Users? (928.11% Growth in One Year)

How SoftProdigy Solutions Helped Luxury VIP Suites Increase the Number of Users?
Luxury VIP Suites is a leading provider of private suites for all notable events all over North America, including the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA, MLB, and NCAA Final Four. For more th...
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SEO and Content Writing Services: Frequently Asked Questions

SEO and Content Writing Services: Frequently Asked Questions
Digital marketing is a vast sphere, which helps online businesses promote their products and services. While it consists of numerous aspects, we will talk about SEO and content writing services. You m...
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How Small Businesses Can Improve Their SEO through Quality Content

Improving SEO through quality content
Traditionally speaking, Search Engine Optimization or SEO was only used by big corporates to improve their marketing efforts. Small businesses never realized its power and thought of it as an unnecess...
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