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Shopify, E-commerce Development

“After weeks of searching for someone who knew Shopify development, I finally found SoftProdigy. They made the process easy like a pro and even helped me add some great customization features to my website. Thanks for delivering what was promised!”

Cristina Martin

CEO, Uniform Builder

About Uniform Builder

Cliff Keen Is A Custom Wrestling Apparel And Gear Brand Owned By Clifford P. Keen, A Former Wrestling Coach. Uniform Builder Is An Extension Of Cliff Keen’s Ecommerce Website. It Has A Variety Of Options For Customizing Uniforms, Headgear, Performance Apparel, Warm-Ups, And Sports Accessories.
Everything From Cliff Keen’s Brochure Is Customizable And Uniform Builder Helps Achieve That.
Sports Teams Can Choose Their Uniform And Customize Their Jerseys According To Their Needs. The Customization Options Include Colors, Text And Logo, Quantity, Sizes, And More. Uniform Builder’s Fun-To-Use Dashboard Gives You The Satisfaction Of Designing Your Own Uniforms And Gears.

Project Execution

The Challenges

Cliff Keen is a brand selling and manufacturing sports apparel and gear. They wanted to create a competent Shopify store and make a big switch to ecommerce. Our biggest challenge was creating the Uniform Builder.

This section required an easy-to-use dashboard where the walk-in customers could customize their sports uniforms and gear, and place bulk orders for teams.

From designing the dashboard from scratch to adding the options for customizing colors, sizes, uniform design, logo, etc. everything needed our painstaking attention. And all needed to be done from scratch while maintaining the voice of the brand.

The Solutions

After client interviews, team discussions, and empathy mapping, we created a wireframe for the entire Shopify store. Once the design was finalized, we worked on database and catalogue management.

We added the website content including category texts, product descriptions, etc. Once all pages were finalized, we looked into cart optimization, channel management, and payment gateway integration.

In the end, our team of developers worked on the Uniform Builder. With the right tech stack, we built a dashboard that is easy to use and offers maximum customization options. We created a prototype first and then integrated it with the website after rigorous testing.

Innovative Design & Development Process


Client Interviews, Conceptualization, Theme Selection, Brand Understanding


Shopify Development, Cart Optimization, Catalogue Management, Payment Gateway


Dashboard Design, Mock-up Testing, Illustrations, Uniform and Gear Design


A/B and Q/A tests, Concept Validation, First-click Testing, Usability Task Analysis


Once the SEO was done, tests were performed to track the results

How We Made it Work

Store Development

With the target customers and their demographics in mind, our team created a competent Shopify store for the brand. Once the theme for the website was finalized, we integrated it and added SEO-rich content, product descriptions, category texts, and more.

Product Categorization

We finalized our prototype for Uniform Builder and picked uniforms from their catalogues and categorized them for the dashboard. Our designers created illustrations and mock-ups of the original products.

Testing and Tracking

We added the option to add logo, artwork, and custom text for the walk-in users. We then added the quantity and size selection options that facilitated bulk orders. Numerous tests were conducted before finalizing the dashboard and integrating it with the website.

Technology Stack

The Technologies We Used To Enable The Uniform Builder Store With New Customization Features:

UI/UX Design
Management Tool
Node JS
Back-End Tool
Web Development
Host And Build Websites
ECommerce Platform
Open Source Platform
ECommerce Platform
Programming Language

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