B2B Marketing Slack Hacks

Every business firm has a different strategy of marketing, where the term ‘marketing’ refers to popularizing itself amongst the public and also competitors. At times, in business, competitors can lead you to the road of success. This implies that every business firm is not just there to cater to the needs of the public, but also to the needs of other related business firms. Though the marketing techniques are no different in B2B case from the business to customer approach, there still are a few distinctions between the two. For business to customer marketing, the very first step of B2B marketing is to inform people about your existence, acquaint and inform them as to what your firm is all about and what you deal in.

Though the traditional techniques have been in use for a very long time and have an impact on the people, they have become quite outdated now. Hacks, the new thing, is more in use pertaining to the fact that these fetch you the results quicker and better. First, you begin working for one firm and with time you proceed on to more clients for yourself. The most commonly used marketing technique till now has been the content marketing technique which is a very time-taking process, you need to alter your strategies to save time as any time saved in this process will only be beneficial for your company.

Here are some of the B2B marketing hacks that you can use for the growth of your firm:

1. Longer and detailed posts
Not just Google, but even people are very fond of getting the information in one long article rather than surfing the internet for too many articles because of insufficient content in one. Your B2B firm can be termed different from others when you start giving a long and detailed blog about your firm and do not engage in creating incomplete and short blogs which provide incomplete knowledge about your firm.

2. Switch from media to multimedia
Using just one media of communication will never help you stand out in a whole world of B2B firms. So, you need to switch from using just one media of content and blogs, to multimedia including videos of your firm and your work operations with an informative voice over. This helps in engaging the viewers and preventing them from experiencing monotony. This can also include transforming your posts to presentations and posting them on SlideShare.

3. Comparative study between your products and the products of other firms
This is one of the most effective techniques of marketing. You can state the qualities of the product or service that you offer and then compare the products of other companies in the same industry.

4. Launch a similar product as a new one
This technique is very useful to grab the attention of your customers. You must have seen when companies come up with something which is new, though similar to their old products, a tagline saying, “exclusively for you” creates anxiety in you to use the product or see what it is.

5. Add content upgrades to every post
Though a simple strategy, some people view it as too much work. For those who wish to excel, too much work is not reason to crib about.
When you post a blog, you should post an upgrade of it just after the blog or at the bottom. This creates a sense of curiosity among readers as to what will come up in the upgrade. It surely will fetch you online traffic. Extra work it is, but when you get the result of this extra effort, you realize that it was worth the effort.

6. Optimize high traffic posts
For this, you need to review some of your blogs from a marketing perspective. After this, find out which of your blogs have brought you maximum traffic the entire month.
Next step is to go to those posts, focus on their messaging and design, and then go for higher conversion rates. If these posts fetch you high online traffic, you can convert them into lead generating machines.

7. Improve the speed and page loading time
Readers do not like to wait for too long for a page to load. They rather decide to close the page and not go through what you have to offer. Besides, even Google conducts its ranking on the basis of speed. This is one hack that you surely need to implement as it creates a win-win situation for both the business and its customer.

If not all, then some of these hacks are sure to be an asset for your organization. Implement these and take your B2B marketing to a whole new level.