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Author: Surbhi Handa

Surbhi Handa works at Softprodigy as Project Lead and has over 10 years of experience in technologies like Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Framework and Sql. She manages the technical scope of the project before, during, and after delivery. She analyzes, plans and develops requirements and standards in reference to the scheduled projects. As part of her work, Surbhi provides estimates by coordinating assignment requirements with her team. She is passionate about her work and shares strong bond with her teammates. In her leisure time, she listens to music and loves to cook!

Three Things You Should Know Before Developing Hybrid Mobile Applications

Important points to take note of when developing hybrid mobile applications
Hybrid app development services are gaining in popularity amongst mobile developers with more and more businesses opting for it. At the same time, the debate over whether a business should develop a h...
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What are the Best Frameworks for Mobile App Development in 2021-22?

The most popular Frameworks for mobile app development in 2021
Developers rely on frameworks to boost the performance and efficiency of the development task when creating any mobile application. The framework makes the tedious process of creating a mobile applica...
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Incorporating Kotlin in Your Large App – How to Go About It

Moving the existing large app to Kotlin language
Moving an existing large app to a new language can seem like a daunting task. The recipe for success in such a case is to start slow, move in chunks, and test frequently to align your team for success...
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How Web Scraping Tools can be used to build Mind Blowing Mobile Apps?

Web Scraping tools for mobile apps

Web scraping has been around since the birth of the internet, but not many people are aware of this fact. Ironically, the success of web scraping tools in business models contributed to its under-the-...
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How Kotlin Assures Better Productivity for Android Development

Kotlin is slowly becoming the favourite of developers for Android app development
Android is one of the world’s most popular operating systems for everything from 5G mobile devices to mobile apps to touchscreen smartphones and tablets. The open-source, Linux-based software i...
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What Makes Flutter a Silver Bullet for Cross-Platform App Development?

Choosing Google’s Flutter for Mobile App Development
Are you planning to launch a cross-platform mobile app but still in a dilemma – which framework is best for it? Well, the best Flutter app development companyin the U.S believes that Flutter wou...
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Smart Ways Adopted by the IT World to Survive COVID-19

How the IT World Survived COVID-19
Change is inevitable, no matter what time or place it is. Nothing can stop it from occurring. Well, that’s what we have learned so far in 2020 after which the world will never be the same as before....
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How Retailers can Capitalize on Black Friday Sales by Hiring Mobile App Development Services

Building and launching a mobile app during the Black Friday Sale Season
Thanksgiving is around the corner and retailers look forward to Black Friday with a characteristic mix of excitement and anxiety. The event is firmly placed on the US calendar and is regarded as even ...
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Halloween Celebration is not dead in 2020 – Spooky Apps Take Over the Town

If there’s one holiday that is all about pure fun, it’s Halloween. The spooky season is upon us already and kids are feeling the excitement they always do around this time of the year. But there...
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