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Author: Surbhi Handa

Surbhi Handa works at Softprodigy as Project Lead and has over 10 years of experience in technologies like Swift, Objective C, Cocoa Framework and Sql. She manages the technical scope of the project before, during, and after delivery. She analyzes, plans and develops requirements and standards in reference to the scheduled projects. As part of her work, Surbhi provides estimates by coordinating assignment requirements with her team. She is passionate about her work and shares strong bond with her teammates. In her leisure time, she listens to music and loves to cook!

Best Practices for Flutter App Developers to Simplify the Development

App Development with Flutter
Flutter is a popular framework that lets developers create robust apps. Here, we have listed best practices that Flutter developers can use to ease the development process....
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Building a Ride-sharing App like Uber: Everything You Need to Know

An ultimate guide to creating a taxi booking Hyperlocal app.
The on-demand apps development industry is growing at the fastest pace. It is because the industry focuses on catering to the needs and demands of customers.  Currently, numerous industries depen...
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Flutter: Why is it a Trend Setter in the Mobile App Development Industry?

A walk through the hottest trends in Flutter app development
The ecosystem of technological advancements is at its peak. We have access to numerous frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and tech stacks that it becomes challenging to choose one.  Se...
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What Makes Hybrid App Development a Reliable Solution For Startups?

Reasons to choose hybrid app development for your business
Some years ago, developing hybrid mobile apps wasn’t as easy as it is today. Back then, if businesses wanted to create cross-platform applications, they had to compromise on quality and performance....
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Reasons to Choose Swift as a Backend Language in 2021

Benefits of using Swift on the server in 2021
The iOS market is the second-largest in the world after Android. But countries like the US, France, Norway, and others have more iOS market shares. Businesses looking to make a prominent space in the ...
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Kotlin IDE Performance: Incredible Tips to Measure and improve it

Everything to know about Kotlin IDE performance
Initially, Java was the only programming language developers had to build applications. But with time, experts in the field brought improvements and technological advancements. As a result, we got new...
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How On-Demand Apps Can Help Save Your Business during a Pandemic

Importance of On-Demand Apps during Pandemic
On-demand apps were slowly but steadily gaining popularity up until in 2019. However, the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 fast-tracked their growth to an astronomical pace.  While the on-demand ap...
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10 React Native Tips to Help You Build A Better Project in 2021

React Native tips that can assist in app development process
React Native is a standalone framework that makes use of React and React-like syntax, but mostly relies on the phone platform’s native APIs in order to render various components.  Hiring a Reac...
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