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Top 5 Tips That Can Improve Software Development

Tips to Improve Software Development
The process of software development is constantly changing. It is increasingly becoming tougher to use yesterday’s approaches today to deliver tomorrow’s cutting-edge applications. Besides, every ...
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How to Develop a Progressive Web App with React? A Complete Guide

steps to develop a progressive web app
Are you planning to build a new web application for business? If you do not consider a Progressive Web App (PWA), you will be at a loss. Everyone in the web app development industry is talking about P...
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The Future of Content and Digital Marketing: What Might Stop You?

Reasons to stay prepared for content and digital marketing future
You might have been hearing from digital marketing experts, “content is king.” Well, the last 18 months proved it true.  Given the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were not able to operate physi...
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7 Best Node.JS Practices for Automation Testing

Best Node.JS practices that help with automation testing
Any person in touch with the world of software development knows and understands how important Node.JS framework is in JavaScript. Used by millions of developers all over the world to build thousands ...
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Learn How Laravel Plays an Important Role in Cost-Effective Web Development for Start-ups

Laravel for quick and cost-effective development.
Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks. For the developer community, this product serves an all-rounder product. The fact that developers can create their codes and rule...
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Android Tutorial: Learn the Basics of Android App Development Services

A guide to the basics of Android app development
The hype about Android development never wavers as Android phones continue to dominate the world of mobile devices. For an Android app development company, there is never a dearth of fun and exciting ...
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