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The number of mobile apps being downloaded is estimated to be around 260 billion by 2022! Now, that is a number to talk about. With such a great amount of users pouring in the app stores, your mobile app can be a great hit! However, even with such great stats about app downloads, businesses still fail to bring their app to the notice of their audience. As a result, a lot of time, money, and efforts are wasted – all for nothing!

If you’ve been unable to promote your mobile app in the past, you’re just at the right place. SoftProdigy is a well-renowned app store optimization agency. At SoftProdigy, Our professionals have an abundant amount of what you might lack – market experience and technical expertise. Through years of our experience in dealing with mobile apps and their market, we have learned a lot about user behavior, app store trends and algorithms, and big mobile apps that do great from day one!

Our research has always been extensive and we infuse our knowledge in delivering results-oriented app store optimization services.

Now, the app stores are over-flooded! If we go by numbers, Google Play has 2.1 million apps while Apple’s app store flaunts 1.8 million apps! That is a lot for users to choose from! SoftProdigy helps make your app stand out from such a big pool of competitors.SoftProdigy’s smart ASO services aim at boosting the number of app downloads for our clients along with making your app look distinct among all! So, don’t worry about the increasing number of apps in the world, yours will surely get recognized by the right users!

Make the best out of mobile app monetization with SoftProdigy’s app store optimization services.

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App Title Optimization

It takes a lot of time, efforts, and money to create an app from ground zero. You might get everything right and make an amazing app but a wrong title can ruin it all for you. When your title is not well thought-out, your app might just stay invisible to your audience. Thus, a reliable app store optimization agency like SoftProdigy is your true companion in getting desirable results. Through our experience in delivering exceptional app store optimization services, we have cracked what a perfect app title is made of. We keep a number of aspects in mind like the type of app, its category, the type of targeted audience, keywords used, the utility of the app, and the idea behind it. Combining all these factors together, we create the perfect app title that will keep your app up in the search results.

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Keyword Implementation

Inserting the right keywords in the right manner is essential for the success of an app. Also, the selection of keywords for mobile apps is a bit of a task and requires dedicated in-depth research. Being a renowned app store optimization agency, SoftProdigy houses a team of dedicated ASO experts that have a constant eye on the latest app trends and user behavior. They carry out their keyword research based on these factors as per your business and find the most effective keywords for your app. These keywords are then carefully implemented in the title, description, and other details of your mobile app.

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App Reviews and Ratings

With such an overwhelming number of apps available on the app stores, people are bound to get picky! So, before users download an app, they look for reviews and ratings. A number of mobile app users have even admitted to take reviews and ratings a bit too seriously. In such a case, having good reviews and ratings for your app is a must to stay ahead in the competition, else your app is going to fade away. SoftProdigy is working as an app store optimization company for years now and the improvement of app reviews and ratings is a big part of our services. We help by making your app look better on the app store by improving its ratings and reviews.

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App Details Optimization

The description of your app is a chance to bring it up in the search results by inserting the right keywords and using the suitable language. Similarly, the way people insert screenshots for the app has also changed a lot! As for reason, screenshots that are more of a visual appeal are preferred by users over the ones that are just informative. Also, a number of apps on Play Store use screenshots as a way to form a theme on the app’s page. The optimization of app description and screenshots is a part of our app store optimization services.

Through our broad experience as a competent marketing agency, we can make your mobile app a big hit in the the app stores! Get in touch, today!

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