A Feature-Rich Mobile Event App for Corporate Events

Corporate events need a lot more perfection than any other event.

From the profiles of your speakers, down to the interests of your attendees, everything needs a close heed for the success of your event.

Be it a conference, a seminar, meetings, trade fairs, or something else, there is a lot that needs to be managed!

We hear you and we are here with a good news! Organizing corporate conferences has gotten a lot handier, thanks to the Mobile Event Apps.

The two best things that a mobile event app can do for you is that first, it will prevent you from a hell lot of hassle of organizing a corporate event. Second, it will save your attendees from any sort of confusion about the event, like the venues, dates, timings, speakers, etc.

At SoftProdigy, we have performed ardent research about the utility of a Mobile Event App and that is why we take pride in being the house to the best Mobile Event App developers.

Our mobile event app can be the one-stop-solution for all your corporate event needs! Want to know more about our product? Read on:

Features of Our Mobile Event App

  1. 1. A Handy Home Screen

We have the knack of delivering the best UI/UX in all of our products and the same goes with our Mobile Event App.

When a user operates our app, the first thing that appears is the Home Screen.

The Home Screen of the app is as handy as it can be!

With the modules like Conference Schedules, Insights, List of Participants, Feedback, About Us etc. right on the home screen, your attendees can have an easy access to everything they need to know about your event.

They can get more information about you through the About Us column and can use the Chat option to network and indulge in some convenient interaction.

  1. 2. Multi-Events

Your attendees are not going to download the app for just one event! Neither are you going to get a new app for every event. Therefore, we have kept it much more useful for both the parties.

The app allows you to add multiple events in just one app!

So, the records and tracks of a number of corporate events, speakers, and locations can be kept intact with our excellent mobile event app.

  1. 3. Insights

The interactive Insights screen displays the information related to your events, like conferences or meetings.

Starting from the Title and Date of the conference, to its Venue, Web Address, Email and Telephone of the organizer, and the event’s Social Media Links.

You can share every single detail related to the event so as the attendees can access the information with greater ease.

  1. 4. Speakers and Participant List

The next best feature added to our mobile event app is the access to the information about speakers and participants of an event.

The Speakers button takes the user to the Speakers screen where they can see a list of people who are going to present in the event. Their name and the topic of their presentation is mentioned on the screen.

On the other hand, with the Participant List button, the attendees can have a look at who is going to participate in the event. With the search options, they can look for a particular participant.

  1. 5. Conference Schedule

With the help of this option, the users can get the perfect idea about the whole schedule of a conference. If the conference is divided into different sessions, the user can access them all by switching the tabs from the tab bar located at the top.

The details like Session Name, Location, Speaker Name, Date and Time, etc. are provided on the screen.

So your attendees need not wander around in the halls, looking for the meeting room they’re supposed to be in! The information is just a tap away from them!

  1. 6. Easy Administration

We have incorporated the easy-to-use admin control features in the app. It has thus become quite convenient to add and administer all the events with the app.

The admin can easily manage the event details like venue, speakers, date, time, attendees, etc. by just one flick of a switch!

For events like trade fairs, or business promotion, you can even sell the tickets and configure the seating plans accordingly!

All in all, our mobile event app provides a complete front-end control from an easy-to-use admin back-end.

  1. 7. Compatibility

Our mobile event app is available for both web and mobile usage.

And so, we have paid special attention to making it compatible with any operating system that you or your attendees are using.

Be it with desktop, mobile phones, or tablets, the app is available in all the versions that you require.

For the mobile versions, we have the app designed for both iOS and android.

  1. 8. Real-time and Easy Updates

When it comes to corporate events, there are great chances that some last-moment changes might occur in the whole schedule.

It can be anything – change in the time, change in venue, change in the schedule, etc.

To physically inform all the attendees about the change at the last moment is next to impossible!

But with our strong back-end system, it is quite easy for the admin to inform all the attendees about these changes, within minutes!

The app allows the admins to make the last-minute changes and update the attendees about anything through features like push notifications.

  1. 9. Ratings

With our mobile event app, after the users have attended an event, they can rate the presenters!

The ratings can be given from 1-5 stars, based on their experience. After the ratings have been given by the attendees, the results about a particular presenter or individual can be seen in the ‘Rating Results’ menu. These results are presented through interactive graphs and charts.

The presenters or speakers are ranked based on these ratings and you can check for the individuals with highest ratings in the Results menu.

  1. 10. Feedback

The attendees can provide their feedback even for an overall event. And this can be done with the Event Feedback option.

You can rate the event and provide the feedback description as well. This feedback goes straight to the admin, so as to keep things checked!

This feature-rich app is not just an app, it’s a promising power-packed solution for all your corporate event management problems!