5 Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2020!

We all are familiar with the two most popular mobile platforms in the market – Android and iOS. Every mobile app development company in the industry is looking for ways to build apps, which reach and satisfy the audience on both the platforms, simultaneously.

This sky-touching popularity has given rise to cross-platform app frameworks where mobile apps for both platforms can simultaneously be developed.

Cross-platform app development seems to be the best choice for businesses, which are looking for both iOS and Android platforms in 2020. And in order to achieve that, there are many powerful cross-platforms in the market.

Before selecting a mobile app development tool, you need to carefully analyze the features and requirement of your application. Besides, you can also take the help of a reputed mobile app development company & their mobile app development services that could guide you.

Here’s a list of 5 best cross-platform mobile application development tools for 2020. Check it out:

1. Xamarin

A popular cross-platform mobile app development tool that provides app store delivery, performance testing, Virtual testing, & monitoring. Xamarin is efficiently used to design native apps for multiple platforms. Developers can use the same IDE, APIs, and language in this cross-platform.

This tool is highly suitable for Ruby and C#. More than 1.4 million developers use Xamarin, including mobile app development services such as Foursquare, Microsoft, and IBM.

2. Sencha Touch

This cross-platform tool is used for rapid mobile app development. If you want to create a native app that is compatible with the latest versions of iOS & Android, Sencha should be your preference!

Sencha allows developers to code in HTML5. Also, Sencha is an MVC-based JavaScript framework that enables the developers to use it through a touch of fingertips, which also helps in increasing the responsiveness of the mobile application.

3. Phone Gap

PhoneGap is owned by Adobe. This is an open source tool for cross-platform development based on Apache Cordova. It comes with extensive features & support.

PhoneGap can translate code from CSS, JavaScript, & HTML5. The software allows you to lower your development time because you get to reuse existing frameworks, tools, and web development skills. It is a cloud-based tool, which makes it a lot easier tool than others.

4. Unity 3D

It is a popular cross-platform app development tool used to improve graphics quality to give fabulous results. This tool allows you to export games to various platforms such as PlayStation, Linux, Wii, web and other basic platforms.

Unity 3D has a huge community support, which makes it easy to connect with developers and get your questions and tech issues solved in no time.

5. 5app 

It is pretty unique tool compared to the other tools because it’s designed for businesses that are developing apps for their employees. It focuses on data security while used in JavaScript coding and HTML5 to export apps. By using this tool, your finished product will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

So, which cross-platform mobile app development tool would you prefer for the year 2020? Make the right choice based on your preferences & project type.